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The Rolling Stones: Musicorama Mixdown. (No Label :: ASO-101-1/2)
Recorded Live at L'Olympia, Paris, France - 1966, 1967, 1968.
Excellent FM Broadcasts :: CDR/s :: Lossless FLAC.

Disc 1
April 18th, 1965
1. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love A
2. Around And Around A
3. Off The Hook B
4. Time Is On My Side A, B
5. Carol C*
6. It’s All Over Now C
7. Little Red Rooster B
8. Route 66 C*
9. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love B
10. The Last Time C*
11. I’m Alright B
12. Craw-Dad B

March 29th, 1966 ~ 1st Show
13. The Last Time (End Only) D
14. Mercy Mercy D
15. She Said Yeah D
16. Play With Fire (2nd Half Only) D
17. Not Fade Away D
18. That’s How Strong My Love Is D
19. I’m Moving On D
20. The Spider And The Fly D
21. Time Is On My Side (End Only) D
22. 19th Nervous Breakdown D
23. Around And Around D
24. Get Off Of My Cloud D
25. I’m Alright D
26. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction D

Disc 2:
April 11th, 1967 (1st or 2nd Show)
1. Paint It Black C
2. 19th Nervous Breakdown C*
3. Lady Jane B
4. Get Off Of My Cloud/Yesterday’s Papers C*
5. Under My Thumb A
6. Ruby Tuesday C
7. Let’s Spend The Night Together C
8. Goin’ Home B
9. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction C, E

March 29th, 1966 ~ 2nd Show
10. The Last Time C
11. Mercy Mercy E, F
12. She Said Yeah F
13. Play With Fire F
14. Not Fade Away E
15. The Spider And The Fly F, E
16. Time Is On My Side F
17. 19th Nervous Breakdown C
18. Hang On Sloopy Theme/ Get Off Of My Cloud C
19. I’m Alright F, E
20. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction C*, E

A Rebroadcast – VGP’s “A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss” EX quality
B Original Broadcast – VGP’s “A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss” VG/VG+ quality
C Rebroadcast – Tape Source EX+ quality
D Original Broadcast – Hot Lips’ “Fuckin’ and Suckin’,” (Pitch Corrected & Equalized) G+ quality
E Original Broadcast – VGP’s “Ready Steady Stones” VG- quality
F Original Broadcast – Bad Wizard’s “Down The Road Apiece” (Equalized) VG quality

*Previously Unreleased on CD or LPn
Files: 46. :: Size: 737 MB (flac).
Total Time: 02:17:50 hour/s.

Personnel: Brian Jones :: Mick Jagger :: Keith Richards :: Charlie Watts :: Bill Wyman.
Notes: The original Rolling Stones lineup with Brian Jones has very few available concert recordings. Many radio and TV recordings survive but they aren't true concerts, just a few songs at a time. Fortunately for Stones fans, French radio recorded and broadcast four concerts in Paris from 1965 to 1967. The tapes have been rebroadcast several times over the years and been released on a number of bootlegs. All tracks were recorded at L'Olympia, Paris, France by French radio.

This compilation is my attempt to combine the best source for each song for each concert. Previous bootlegs simply used one broadcast or rebroadcast. You had the choice of listening to a complete concert in fair to good quality, or a few songs in excellent quality. Now, 3 out of the 4 concerts are 3 or 4 source merges; the 4th is a single source. I made this compilation in Nov. 2004 and no longer have the files, so these are extracted from the CDRs I made at the time. Most of the material is sourced from trade CDRs; source D is sourced from a silver pressed CD, all extracted at the time using EAC. Source C is from a low gen. cassette into my PC using a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card.

I am told that the most recent rebroadcast was on French radio, July 1, 1995, in honor of the upcoming show at L'Olympia July 3, 1995. I am not sure if this is source A or C. I believe that this torrent is the source for DAC-007, "Paris Match," but have not heard it for comparison.

I named this compilation "Musicorama Mixdown" after the name of the French radio program and the process of mixing down multiple sources into one final product. Enjoy, there are some rare songs and great performances here
. <-(Info taken from original info file).

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Ozzy Osbourne: Remember The Motto. (Digital Reproductions :: DR-61103-7)
Recorded Live at Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada - June 11, 2003.
Excellent Audience Recording :: CDRs :: Lossless FLAC.

Disc 1
1. Introduction
2. War Pigs
3. Mr. Crowley
4. Believer
5. Flying High Again
6. I Don't Know
7. Gets Me Through
8. Goodbye To Romance
9. Miracle Man
10. Bark At The Moon

Disc 2
1. The Wizard
2. After Forever
3. Into The Void
4. Fairies Wear Boots
5. Iron Man
6. Sweet Leaf
7. Children Of The Grave
8. Fire In The Sky
9. Band Introductions
10. Suicide Solution
11. Guitar Solo

Disc 3
1. No More Tears
2. I Don't Want To Change The World
3. Road To Nowhere
4. Crazy Train
5. Mama I'm Coming Home
6. N.I.B.
7. Paranoid

Files: 28. :: Size:  1.08 GB (flac).
Total Time: 02:47:17 hour/s

Ozzy Osbourne :: Jason Newsted :: Mike Bordin :: Zakk Wylde.
Notes: Recorded live at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada on June 11, 2003. This is one of the best live audience recordings of Ozzy I've heard to date. Everything is captured from the intro music to the outro music and nothing is cut, so the full show is here in all it's glory. And a full show it is, Ozzy plays for 167 minutes on this night! 

The set list is full of Ozzy classics and a great collection of Sabbath tunes including the very rarely performed "Fire in the Sky". He almost plays the whole "Master of Reality" album, my personal favorite. Ozzy is in great form tonight, which surprised me a bit given the few times I've seen him on MTV lately. He is definitely a different individual live than he is on TV with his screwball family. There are a couple occasions where he seems to mumble through some of the lyrics, but nothing severe. Jason Newstead performs double duty tonight playing in the opening act, VoiVod, and in Ozzy's band. He does a very good job and you don't notice any problmes except for parts of "No More Tears" where it sounds on the verge of a train wreck. 

All in all this is highly recommended to any Ozzy fan as the sound is superb. All the instruments are well resolved and loud, sound quality is EX+/EX. Once again many thanks to Barb and Mark for lending their mini-disc masters to this release. Each recording they do is better than the one before it, and we're the beneficiaries.<-(Info taken from original info file).
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Sepultura: Europe 1991. (Live Storm :: LSCD 51240)
Recorded Live at Dynamo Open Air, Tilburg, The Netherlands - June 07, 1991.
Excellent Audience Recording :: Bootleg Silver CD :: Lossless FLAC.

01. Intro-Arise
02. Inner Self
03. Mass Hypnosis
04. Dead Embryonic Cells
05. Desperate Cry
06. Troops of Doom
07. Altered State
08. Subtraction
09. Slaves of Pain
10. Guitar Solo
11. Under Siege (Regnum Irae)
12. Orgasmatron
13. Beneath the Remains
14. Sympton of the Universe
15. Infected Voice
16. Policia

Files: 16.:: Size: 501 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:09:53 hour/s.

*** Arise Tour ***

Personnel: Max Cavalera – lead vocals, rhythm guitar :: Igor Cavalera – drums, percussion :: Andreas Kisser – lead guitar, backing vocals :: Paulo Jr. – bass.

Notes: Insane Sepultura live show from the European 1991 Tour! - Quality: 9/10 Made in Italy 1994..

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Van Halen: Devore 1998. (No Label - RoiO)
Recorded Live at Blockbuster Pavilion, Devore, CA, USA - July 04, 1998.
Very Good+ Audience :: Master Audience Recording :: Lossless FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Unchained
02. Without You
03. One I Want
04. Mean Street
05. When It's Love
06. Fire in the Hole
07. Why Can't This Be Love
08. Romeo Delight
09. Drum Solo
10. Dreams
11. Humans Being
12. Somebody Get Me a Doctor

Disc 2
01. A Year to the Day
02. Right Now
03. Ain't Talkin' Bout Love
04. How Many Say I
05. Panama
06. Jump

Files: 18. :: Size:| 699 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:51:09 hour/s.

*** III Tour ***

Gary Cherone - Vocals :: Edward Van Halen - Guitar :: Michael Anthony - Bass Guitar ::Alex Van Halen - Drums.

Notes: Lineage: ECM-959DT > WM-D6 (ANALOG) > TC-WE475 > RCD-W500C W/SBM (Super Bit Mapping)

This recording has been circulating since '98 however this version is a new master cassette transfer from my original analog master tape (Jun. 2011).

My favorite show of the 4 i saw in '98. Edward was just on fire on this tour, some of the best playing i've ever heard from him. I know a lot of people didn't care for Gary Cherone but he's a great singer, just didn't fit with the VH fans. This is an excellent recording with very little crowd noise."TURN IT UP" Included in the torrent are some pics i took.

This is upload #95 from my "Master tape Collection". I'm going to start uploading shows from my 600+ masters which includes uncirculated recordings from 2003 thru the present. I've taped just about every show i've gone too since 1986 so you can imagine i have a lot of masters to share. Most of my recordings from 1986-2002 have been circulating as i used to do a lot of trading back in the day. All uploads however will be new master tape transfers directly from the master tape to CD. Enjoy! Brian
.<-(Info taken from original info file).

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Yes - Yestower. (YT-1196)
Recorded Live at Tower Records, Hollywood Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, USA - November 27, 1996.
Excellent Soundboard Recording -> Bootleg Silver CD :: MP3 CBR 320 kbps.

01. America
02. I've seen all good People
03. Roundabout
04. Starship Trooper
05. Rhythm of Love
06. Owner of a lonely Heart
07. Heart of the sunrise
08. And you and I

Personnel: Anderson, Howe, Squire, Wakeman, White.

Notes: From Silver Disc Yes-Yestower YT1196. T01-t04 recorded live at Tower Records on Hollywood Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, November, 27th 1996; t05-t08 Bonus Tracks, recorded live at Wembley Arena, London, June, 29th, 1991. <-(from original info file) .
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Judas Priest - Live at Budokan 2008
Nippon Budökan, Tokyo, Japan, 29/09/2008
Excellent Audience Recording Remastered (A+) - 256ABR
Complete Show: 1h.40min

01. Intro(Dawn Of Creation)
02. Prophecy
03. Metal Gods
04. Eat Me Alive
05. Between The Hammer And The Anvil
06. Devil's Child
07. Breaking The Law
08. Hell Patrol
09. Death
10. Dissident Aggressor
11. Angel
12. The Hellion / Electric Eye
13. Rock Hard, Ride Free
14. Sinner
15. Painkiller
16. Hell Bent For Leather
17. The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)
18. Heavy Metal Communication
19. You've Got Another Thing Coming

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Madness - Aqua Folies [Beech Marten Records BM-098]
Hudson River Park - Pier 84, New York, USA - August 22, 1983
Soundboard -> FM -> Bootleg Cd - CBR 320 kbps

01. House of Fun
02. Disappear
03. Close Escape
04. My Girl
05. Night Boat to Cairo
06. Tomorrow's Dream
07. Razor Blade Alley
08. Just Another Day
09. Grey Day
10. Shut Up
11. Madness
12. Baggy Trousers
13. Our House
14. Madness is All...
15. Must be Love
16. Primrose Hill
17. One Step Beyond

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Janis Joplin - Light Is Faster Than Sound. (Midnight Beat :: MBCD-089)
Recorded Live at California Hall, San Francisco, California, USA - July 28, 1966.
Soundboard Recording :: Liberated Bootleg :: CBR 320 kbps.

01. Call On Me
02. Combination Of The Two
03. Blow My Mind
04. Down On Me
05. All Is Loneliness
06. Road Block
07. Light Is Faster Than Sound
08. Bye Bye Baby
09. Goin' To Brownsville
10. Ball And Chain
11. I Know You Rider

Personnel: Janis Joplin. Big Brother & The Holding Company are: Sam Andrew - Guitar :: Jim Gurley - Guitar :: Peter Albin - Bass :: Gave Getz - Drums.
Notes: On this release from the tail end of the great CD bootleg era (coming outta Luxembourg right before the crackdown began there!), Janis gets sole billing while Big Brother and the Holding Company are once again relegated to sidemen status. Given that this July '66 concert was recorded right when Janis had joined the group nothing could be further from the truth...if anything, at this point in the game Janis was more or less a member on equal footing with the other Brothers who were still heavily into their avant-rock and not exactly catering to Janis's caterwauling tendencies. Quality's rather good considering the now-stone aged technology of the times. (Taken from

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Asia: AlcheringA. (Highland :: HL515/516)
Recorded Live in Boston , USA - April 29, 1982.
Very Good+ Audience Recording :: Bootleg Silver CD/s :: CBR 320 kbps.

Disc 1
01. Time Again
02. One Step Closer
03. Without You
04. Ancient
05. The Clap
06. Midnight Sun
07. Only Time Will Tell
08. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

Disc 2
01. Cutting It Fine
02. Geoff Downes Solo
03. Wildest Dreams
04. Here Comes The Feeling
05. Solo Survivor
06. Heart Of The Moment

Files: 14. :: Size: 189,99 MB.
Total Time: 01:23:03 hour/s.

Personnel: John Wetton - Bass, Lead Vocals, Keyboards :: Carl Palmer - Drums, Percussion :: Steve Howe - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Vocals :: Geoffrey Downes - Keyboards, Vocals.

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Three: ...Live In Boston. (No Label)
Recorded Live at Paradise Theater , Boston, Massachusetts, USA - April 15, 1988.
Excellent FM Broadcast Recording :: CBR 320 kbps.

01. Radio Announcer Introduction
02. Fanfare For The Common Man
03. Deste La Vita
04. Lover To Lover
05. Introductions
06. Hoedown
07. You Do Or You Don't
08. Talkin' Bout
09. Creole Dance
10. On My Way Home
11. Runaway
12. Standing In The Shadows Of Love
13. America Blue Rondo Tocatta Drum Solo Flight Of The Bumblebee
14. Encore Break
15. Eight Miles High
16. Announcer Closing Credits Fades Out

Personnel: Keith Emerson - keyboards, piano :: Robert Berry - bass, guitars, vocals :: Paul Keller- guitar :: Carl Palmer - drums, percussions :: Jennifer Steele - backing vocals.

Notes: From WBCN FM live broadcast (not pre recorded). A rare club appearance with Keith Emerson. This is the complete show. The encore cut in the master tape so I used another source to get the whole song uninterrupted. This was the only tour of this lineup, promoting their album "The power of three". They can call it three, but this is still a five piece band. So it's really three to the power of five. <- (from original info file).

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