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ELP - Works On The Road. (Progresive Rock Remaster Project :: PPRP-030)
Recorded Live at The Garden, Boston, MA, USA - July 12, 1977.
Ex Audience Recording PRRP Remaster :: CBR 320 kbps.

Disc 1
01. Intro/ Karn Evil 9-1st Impression Pt.2
02. Hoedown
03. Tarkus
04. Take A Pebble Pt.1
05. Piano Concerto #1
06. Take A Pebble Pt.2
07. Still...You Turn Me On
08. Knife-Edge
09. Pictures At An Exhibition (excerpts)

Disc 2
01. C'est la Vie
02. Lucky Man
03. Tank
04. Nutrocker
05. Pirates
06. Fanfare Fir The Common Man/Rondo

Personnel: Keith Emerson :: Greg Lake :: Carl Palmer.

Notes: In any event, the quality of the sound is outstanding with clear signal up to 17,000Hz. The most obvious problem with the show was the tonality. The sub-bass components were very excessive. Additional adjustments to the bass section were also needed to balance the tone. Small adjustments in the mid-range and treble sections were made to enhance detail. 

Hiss was also a problem and its reduction allowed more subtle sections of the music to be better appreciated. Audience noise was a big problem. Applause was excessively loud and whistlers seemed to congregate around the taper. Permanent hearing loss could be the result of listening to the raw version of this show through headphones due to the volume of these whistles. 

Lots of time was taken to reduce the whistles and other audience noises. Cuts in the recording did occur but were only found during applause sections. Mix-pasting fixed this minor flaw and allowed a continuous listening experience. Finally, the discs were re-balanced to roughly equalize the amount of music on each disc. <-(Info taken from .
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