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Def Leppard: White Lightning. (Not Guilty label :: NG 170992-2)
Recorded Live at Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium - May 30, 1992.
Excellent Audience Recording :: Silver CD :: MP3 CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Stagefright
02. Tear It Down
03. Women
04. Too Late For Love
05. Hysteria
06. Make Love Like A Man
07. White Lightning
08. Foolin'
09. Animal
10. Gods of War

Disc 2
01. Rocket
02. Bringin' On The Heartbreak
03. Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad
04. Photograph
05. Armageddon It
06. Pour Some Sugar On Me
07. Let's Get Rocked
08. Love Bites
09. Rock Of Ages

Files: 19. :: Size: 266,25 MB (mp3) | 827 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:56:22 hour/s.

*** Adrenalize tour ***

Personnel: Joe Elliott - Lead Vocals :: Phil Collen - Guitar/Vocals :: Vivian Campbell - Guitar/Vocals :: Rick Savage - Bass/Vocals :: Rick Allen - Drums.

Notes: This is one of my favorite live recordings of Def Leppard. This takes place on the 13 Day Club Tour that kicked off the 1992-1993 Adrenalize tour. The quality is great and it's taken from a good old fashioned silver CD bootleg called "White Lightning," issued on the Not Guilty label (NG 170992-2).

The first show in this city since April 1988 on the Hysteria tour. The audience recording of this show is extremely good. It is sometimes known as 'White Lightning' (Not Guilty NG 170992-2). Once mentioned by Joe as being up there with the 1983 LA Forum recording as his favourite bootleg
.<-(Info taken from & original info files).

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Alanis Morissette: Hard to Swallow. (Kiss The Stone :: KTS 515)
Tracks 1 to 6 Recorded live in LA, California 12/11/1995 :: Tracks 7 to 9 Recorded live in Germany, November 1995 :: Tracks 10 and 11 Recorded live in Amsterdam, October 1995.5.
Excellent Soundboard Recording :: Bootleg Silver CD :: CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

01. Wake Up
02. You Learn
03. Not The Doctor
04. Your House
05. Head Over Feet
06. Forgiven
07. All I Really Want
08. Hand In My Pocket
09. You Oughta Know
10. All I Really Want
11. Right Through You

Files: 11. :: Size: 122.48 MB (mp3) / 391 MB (flac).
Total Time: 00:53:32 hour/s.

Notes: Great sounding soundboard CD. This should have been released worldwide by a major label. Meanwhile, Kiss The Stone Records did a fine job of recording these acoustic live sessions... -Review by craigbond-.
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Deep Purple: Live In Japan Complete. (Darker Than Blue :: Darker Than Blue 044/045/046/047/048/049)
Recorded Live at Festival Hall + Budokan , Osaka + Tokyo , Japan - August 15, 16 and 17, 1972.
Ex-/VG+ Audience Recordings :: Silver CDs :: MP3 CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Highway Star
02. Smoke On The Water
03. Child In Time
04. The Mule
05. Strange Kind Of Woman

Disc 2
01. Lazy
02. Space Truckin'
03. Black Night
04. Speed King

Disc 3
01. Highway Star
02. Smoke On The Water
03. Child In Time
04. The Mule
05. Strange Kind Of Woman

Disc 4
01. Lazy
02. Space Truckin'
03. Black Night
04. Lucille

Disc 5
01. Highway Star
02. Smoke On The Water
03. Child In Time
04. The Mule
05. Strange Kind Of Woman

Disc 6
01. Lazy
02. Space Truckin'
03. Black Night
04. Speed King

Files: 27. :: Size: 686.75 MB (mp3) | 1.67 GB (flac).
Total Time: 05:00:11 hour/s.

*** First tour of Japan ***

Personnel: Ritchie Blackmore – lead guitar, Ian Gillan – vocals, harmonica, percussion, Roger Glover – bass guitar, Jon Lord – organ, keyboards, electric piano, Ian Paice – drums, percussion.

Notes: Deep Purple’s legendary three concerts in Japan on their first visit to the far east were all professionally recorded and have been available for thirty years. The 2LP set Live In Japan, originally for the Japanese market only but gained world-wide release, is considered by some to be the best live album of any band to emerge from the seventies. Released just in time for the Christmas season, it edited together songs from all three nights. In 1993 a more complete, three compact disc version was released which devoted one disc for each show. Given the limitations of space each show is still incomplete. Two tracks, “Lazy” from the August 17th Tokyo show and “Black Night” from the August 16th Osaka tape appear on the 2002 six disc release Listen, Learn, Read On. The second track is important since it was previously unreleased.

Live In Japan Complete collects three good audience recordings and offers the most complete versions of these concerts spread over six cds. Not all of these sources offer the best sound quality, but they are all listenable. These three dates are the first Deep Purple played in the far east and account for the entire tour. The playing in these shows are one of the highlights of the Mark II line up and are an amazing contrast to their second tour of Japan almost a year later, which would be the last ones with Ian Gillan and Roger Glover. Those concerts would have almost identical set lists but the tension within the band is obvious, especially in the final show in Osaka on June 29th, 1973 and documented on Darker Than Blue’s “The End” (Darker Than Blue 031/32)
.<-(Info taken from Collectors Music Reviews).

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Eric Clapton: The Sheriff's Residence. (The Godfatherecords :: G.R.401/402)
Recorded Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, UK - May 23, 2009.
Excellent Audience Recording :: Silver CD/s :: Lossless FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Going Down Slow
02. Key to the Highway
03. Old Love
04. Anything For Your Love
05. I Shot the Sheriff
06. Layla
07. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down & Out
08. Not Dark Yet
09. Anytime For You
10. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Disc 2
01. Badge
02. Little Queen of Spades
03. Before You Accuse Me
04. Wonderful Tonight
05. Cocaine
06. Crossroads
07. Everything’s Gonna Be All Right

Files: 17. :: Size: 769 MB (flac).
Total Time: 02:02:41 hour/s.

*** Eric Clapton's 2009 UK tour ***

Personnel: Eric Clapton: guitar, vocals :: Andy Fairweather Low: guitar, vocals :: Steve Gadd: drums :: Willy Weeks: bass :: Chris Stainton: Pianos and keys :: Tim Carmon: Hammond and keys :: Michelle John: backing vocals :: Sharon White: backing vocals.

Notes: Bonus: Everything’s Gonna Be All Right (bonus track from May 20 2009 royal albert hall, london)

The Sheriff’s Residence documents the sixth of the eleven shows Clapton played at the Royal Albert Hall. Godfather use an excellent, clear and dynamic audience tape of the entire show which is up to the same high standards as the other tapes to emerge from this series of shows. The pattern of the set pretty much remained the same but with minor variations over the various concerts. Godfather includes as a bonus track “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” from the May 20th show. This was played in the set in lieu of “Not Dark Yet” in about half of the RAH concerts and is included for completeness’ sake. The label use several photographs from the show on the inside cover of the gatefold sleeve. The eleven shows are all documented in great sounding tapes and most of them now are released in excellent silver editions. The Sheriff’s Residence is an impressive Clapton release on Godfather worth having
.<-(Info taken from
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U2: Live from the Mother City. (The Godfatherecords :: G.R. 641/642)
Recorded Live at Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa - February 18, 2011.
Excellent Audience Recording :: Silver CDs :: MP3 CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Intro (Soweto Gospel Choir Get On Your Boots Remix)
02. Beatiful Day
03. I Will Follow
04. Get On Your Boots
05. Magnificent
06. Mysterious Ways / The Way You Make Me Feel
07. Elevation
08. Until The End Of The World / Anthem
09. Band Introduction
10. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (w/Yvonne Chaka Chaka)
11. Stand By Me (w/Yvonne Chaka Chaka)
12. North Star
13. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
14. In A Little While
15. Miss Sarajevo
16. Fez - Zooropa Intro / City Of Blinding Lights
17. Vertigo

Disc 2
01. I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight / Relax / Two Tribes
02. Sunday Bloody Sunday
03. Scarlet
04. Walk On / You'll Never Walk Alone
05. Desmond Tutu Speech
06. One
07. Amazing Grace/ Where The Street Have No Name / All You Need Is Love
08. Spaceship Intro
09. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
10. With Or Without You
11. Moment of Surrender

Files: 28.:: Size: 295.64 MB (mp3)| 620 MB (flac).
Total Time: 02:09:12 hour/s.

*** U2 360° Tour ***

Personnel: Bono :: The Edge :: Adam Clayton :: Larry Mullen Jr. .

Notes: Silver CDs - EAC - WAV - Flac Level 6 * Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa, February 18, 2011.<-(Info taken from original info file).
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 front cover
back cover
Eric Clapton: Final Budokan 1993. (Tricone 129/130)
Recorded Live at Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan - October 31, 1993.
Excellent Audience Recording :: Silver CDs :: Lossless FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Opening
02. Malted Milk
03. Terraplane Blues
04. How Long Blues
05. 32-20
06. Kidman Blues
07. County Jail Blues
08. 44
09. Blues Leave Me Alone
10. Tell Me Mama
11. White Room
12. Badge
13. Wonderful Tonight

Disc 2
01. Stone Free
02. Circus Left Town
03. Tears In Heaven
04. Crossroads
05. Tearing Us Apart
06. Groaning The Blues
07. Coacaine
08. Ain't Nobody's Business
09. Layla

Files: 22.:: Size: 741.64 MB  (flac).
Total Time: 01:53:41 hour/s.

*** ERIC CLAPTON & HIS BAND Japan Tour 1993 ***

Personnel: Eric Clapton: Guitar, Vocals / Andy Fairweater Low: Guitar / Chris Stainton: Keyboards / Dave Bronze: Bass / Richie Hayward: Drums / Jerry Portony: Harmonica / Maggie Ryder: Backing Vocals / Katie ssoon: Backing Vocals / Roddy Lorinner: Trumpet / Tim Sanders: Tenor Sax / Simon Clake: Bartone Sax.

Notes: On May 2014, Tricone is continuing its coverage of Eric Clapton’s 1993 Tour of Japan… Eric Clapton – Final Budokan 1993 (Tricone 129/130) is a 2CD set from Budokan, Tokyo, Japan on October 31st, 1993. Great Quality here!..<- from original info file>.
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Black Sabbath: Evil in the Evening. (Tarantura:: TCDBS-6-1,2)
Recorded Live at Nakano Sun Plaza (Late Show-Open 6 PM), Tokyo , Japan - November 16, 1980.
EX Audience Recording (Mr.Peach recording) :: Silver CDs :: MP3 CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Opening S.E. ~ Supertzar
02. War Pigs
03. Neon Knights
04. N.I.B
05. Children Of The Sea
06. Sweet Leaf
07. Drum Solo
08. Sweat Leaf
09. Lady Evil
10. Black Sabbath

Disc 2
01. Interval
02. Heaven And Hell
03. Iron Man
04. Guitar Solo #1
05. Instrumental #1
06. Guitar Solo #2
07. Instrumental #2
08. Guitar Solo #3
09. Orchid
10. Guitar Solo #4
11. Die Young
12. Paranoid
13. S.E. ~ Announcement

Files: 23. :: Size: 217,62 MB (mp3) | 707 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:35:07 hour/s.

*** Japan Tour '80 ***

Personnel: Tony Iommi - Guitars :: Ronnie James Dio - Vocals :: Geezer Butler - Bass :: Vinny Appice - Drums :: Geoff Nicholls - Keyboards.

Notes: This version is from the Tarantura bootleg version of an audience recording taped by famous Mr Peach. Many thanks to Dime user fuwawuwatime for sending us this extremely great recording! The sound and mix are VERY clear and strong, very close to a soundboard recording.

The recording for the late show featured here is clear and very powerful with an excellent well balanced sound and could easily be mistaken for a soundboard recording, it is very similar in tone to the afternoon show and is another Peach masterpiece. You have no real problem picking out the instruments in the recording, there is wonderful separation between the bass and guitar and is a real joy to listen too. The crowd is very quiet and respectful and there is no interference by the taper, obviously they are mesmerized by the band
.<-(Info taken from original info file).

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The Who: Can Anybody Out There Play The Drums?. (Mainstream :: Mast-94/95)
Recorded Live at Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA, USA - November 20, 1973.
Very Good- Audience Recording :: Bootleg Silver CD (RMST) :: CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

Disc 1
01. I Can't Explain
02. Summertime Blues
03. My Generation
04. I Am The Sea
05. The Real Me
06. The Punk And The Godfather
07. I'm One
08. Helpless Dancer
09. 515
10. Sea And Sand
11. Drowned
12. Bell Boy
13. Doctor Jimmy
14. Love Reign O'er Me

Disc 2
01. Won't Get Fooled Again
02. Magic Bus
03. See Me Feel Me
04. Smokestack Lightning & Spoonful
05. Naked Eye

Files: 19. :: Size: 261.47 MB.
Total Time: 01:54:17 hour/s.

*** Quadrophenia U.S. Tour 1973 ***

Personnel: Roger Daltrey – lead vocals, harmonica :: Pete Townshend – guitar, vocals :: John Entwistle – bass guitar, vocals :: Keith Moon – drums.

Notes: 2CD-remaster. The Who's infamous '73 Cow Palace concert, their first in America in nearly two years. Despite its reputation as one of the worst gigs the Who ever did (K Moon passes out during WGFA!), the first part of the show including Quadrophenia is quite good, at times exceptional. This version has been speed corrected and re-tracked from the silvers. <-(Info taken from original info file).

An actually decent audience recording that is very much an upgrade from the older Our Drummer's Out Cold (CD) (Wholiday Music WH 008/9) which was a bad dub off the Bill Graham video. You can actually understand the stage announcements and hear the instruments. Decent soundstage and probably taken from close to a first generation recording.
<-(Info taken from

Silver discs (*) > wav (EAC rip) > speed/pitch correction, re-tracked > flac.
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Rush: Atmospheric. (Crystal Cat Records :: CC 301-2)
Recorded Live at Ahoy Sportpaleis, Rotterdam, Holland - May 03, 1992.
Excellent+ Audience Recording :: Bootleg Slver CD/s :: CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Intro
02. Force Ten
03. Limelight
04. Freewill
05. Distant Early Warning
06. Time Stand Still
07. Dreamline
08. Bravado
09. Roll The Bones
10. Intermission Music
11. Show Don't Tell
12. The Big Money
13. Ghost Of A Chance

Disc 2
01. Subdivisions
02. The Pass
03. Where's My Thing?
04. The Rhythm Method
05. Closer To The Heart
06. Xanadu
07. Superconductor
08. Tom Sawyer Intro
09. Tom Sawyer
10. The Spirit Of Radio
11. 2112 Overture
12. Finding My Way
13. La Villa Strangiato
14. Anthem
15. Red Barchetta
16. The Spirit Of Radio Reprised
17. Cygnus X-1

Files: 30. :: Size: 286.77 MB (mp3) / 847 MB (flac).
Total Time: 02:05:19 hour/s.

*** Roll the Bones Tour ***

Personnel: Geddy Lee :: Alex Lifeson :: Neil Peart.

Notes: (Audio - 9) This is the best sounding audience tape ever! It actually sounds so much better than almost every other soundboard out there! I like this bootleg a whole lot more than "Mirrors", most would disagree with me, but it IS they who are wrong! The performance in "Mirrors" is pretty bad when compared to... well, lets just say Kenny G packs more raw passion into his shows. At least in my set list, "Mirrors" has just become obsolete. Never again will I sit through that bland performance. Throughout "Force Ten" you can hear the audience REALLY talk a lot, then they are in the perfect mix for every single second of the rest of the show! I think this is a tremendous must have, I cannot think of one single knock on this one, the sound is 100% and the erformance is above average for a great live band! A funny little thing is Alex is freaking out during "Closer o the Heart", he usually does his improv and says something that is at least a sentence structure to it. This time he just spats out things at a hundred miles an hour and I just struggle to keep up, let alone understand. Perfect show, get this one for sure!. -Review by ToBeOrWhat.<-(Info taken from original info file).
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Rainbow: The Raging God. (Rising Arrow - 016)
Recorded Live at Tivoli Koncertsal, Copenhagen, Denmark - September 22,1976.
Very Good Audience Recording :: Silver CDs :: Lossless FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Over The Rainbow
02. Kill The King
03. Mistreated
04. 16th Century Greensleeves
05. Catch The Rainbow

Disc 2
01. Man On The Silver Mountain
02. Keyboard Intro
03. Stargazer
04. Still I'm Sad
05. Keyboard Solo
06. Cozy Powell Drum Solo
07. Still I'm Sad (Reprise)
08. Do You Close Your Eyes

Files: 13. :: Size: 541 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:30:38 hour/s.

*** Rising Tour ***

Personnel: Ritchie Blackmore - Guitar :: Ronnie James Dio - Vocal :: Cozy Powell - Drums :: Jimmy Bain - Bass :: Tony Carey - Keyboards .

Notes: Some sources claim that Ac/Dc would've been the support band but they did not play at this show.
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Slayer: Til Death Do Us Part. (Poverty Records :: JP 101-2)
Hell Awaits & Alive And Undead US Rehearsal Sessions 1984.
Excellent Audience Recording + SBD :: Double LP :: Lossless FLAC.

Long Play 1 (A+B)
01. Evil Has No Boundaries
02. Captor of Sin
03. Show No Mercy
04. Black Magic
05. Die By the Sword
06. Aggressive Perfector
07. The Antichrist

Long Play 2 (A+B)
08. Praise of Death
09. Necrophiliac
10. Hell Awaits
11. Kill Again
12. Warlock (Crypts of Eternity)

Files: 12. :: Size:  358 MB (flac).
Total Time: 00:54:00 hour/s.

Personnel: Tom Araya – lead vocals, bass :: Jeff Hanneman – guitar :: Kerry King – guitar :: Dave Lombardo – drums .

Notes: Rehearsal sessions, USA 1984 Double LP. Original, Limited to 500, Red/ Blue Label, Poverty Records ::: Record one : A Live & Undead reh session 198 - Record two : Hellawaits Reh sessions 1984.
download lossless FLAC from


Blind Faith: Gothenburg 1969. (Moby Dick (Swingin' Pig) :: MD CD 003)
Recorded Live in Gothenburg, Sweden - June 18, 1969.
Very Good Audience Recording :: Bootleg Silver CD :: CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

01. Sleeping in the Ground
02. Sea Of Joy
03. Under My Thumb
04. Can't Find My Way Home
05. Presence of the Lord
06. Had to Cry Today
07. Do What You Like

Files: 7. :: Size: 150.07 MB (mp3) / 352 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:05:37 hour/s.

Personnel: Eric Clapton Guitar, Vocals :: Steve Winwood Keyboards, Vocals :: Ginger Baker Drums :: Rick Grech Bass .

Notes: Sound quality isn't soundboard standard being an audience recording, but it's perfectly acceptable if slightly distant. The performance is good too though Do What You Like will never be my favourite BF song. The band are relaxed and show what they could have been given a little more time and less pressure to make big bucks. Recommended. - (DR).<-(Info taken from original info file).

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Cream: The Real One. (Rothmans :: RM 009/10)
Recorded Live at Grande Ballroom, Detroit, Michigan, USA - October 15, 1967.
Excellent Soundboard Recording :: Bootleg Silver CD :: Lossless FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Tales of Brave Ulysses
02. N.S.U.
03. Sitting On Top of the World
04. Sweet Wine
05. Rollin' And Tumblin'
06. Spoonful

Disc 2
01. Steppin' Out
02. Traintime
03. Toad
04. I'm So Glad

Files: 10. :: Size:  668 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:54:38 hour/s.

Personnel: Eric Clapton :: Jack Bruce :: Ginger Baker.

Notes: This show in Detroit has turned up on a number of titles including the dodgy Creamset on Gold Standard. It's a very good show rightly regarded by Cream fans as one of the best of the late '67 tour of the US. For its vintage, the recording is very good and you can really hear why Cream had such an impact as a live act. On Sweet Wine and Rollin' and Tumbin' Ginger and Jack really lock together allowing Eric free rein to shine: and shine he does. Highly recommended - DR -.

Lineage: Silvers > CD-R (trade) > EAC v. 9.99 Prebeta 4 (Secure, Offset Correct) > FLAC (8) > You!.
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Black Sabbath: First Purposes. (Bondage Music :: BON 320/321)
Recorded Live at The Sting, New Britain, CT, USA - February 08, 1994.
Excellent Soundboard Recording :: Silver CDs :: Lossless FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Intro-Supertzar
02. Time Machine
03. Children Of The Grave
04. Children Of The Sea
05. I Witness
06. The Mob Rules
07. Into The Void
08. Psychophobia

Disc 2
01. Black Sabbath
02. Neon Knights
03. Immaculate Deception
04. The Wizard
05. Cross Of Thorns
06. Symptom Of The Universe
07. Headless Cross
08. Paranoid

Files: 16. :: Size: 519 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:25:17 hour/s.

*** Cross Purposes Tour ***

Personnel: Tony Iommi :: Geezer Butler :: Tony Martin :: Bobby Rondinelli.

Notes: The first night of the tour and a very solid performance.The set list is the usual for the era no surprises for sure, the sound is great.  

Soundboard Recording, Quality 10.
download lossless FLAC from


Breeders: Hello Baton Rouge!. (Home Records :: HR5930-0)
Recorded Live at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA - April 09, 1994.
Excellent Audience Recording :: Silver CD :: Lossless FLAC.

1. Shocker In Gloomtown (Guided By Voices) *
2. New Year
3. Hellbound
4. Saints
5. Safari
6. Hag
7. I Just Wanna Get Along
8. S.o.s.
9. Fortunately Gone
10. Flipside
11. Roi **
12. Head To Toe
13. So Sad About Us (The Who)
14. Cannonball
15. Invisible Man
16. No Aloha
17. Doe
18. Divine Hammer
19. Don't Call Home
20. Happiness Is A Warm Gun (The Beatles)
21. Limehouse

Files: 21. :: Size: 351 MB (flac).
Total Time: 00:57:55 hour/s.

Notes: A bootleg recording of the Breeders in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, April 9, 1994. * listed as "cultural trash" on original cd - ** listed as "raw" on original cd. "Released" on Home Records in 1994, an apparent "bootleg" label in Italy. (Info taken from xoriginal info file).
download lossless FLAC from


Led Zeppelin: The Last Concert In America. (Tarantura :: TCD-101-1, 2)
Recorded Live at Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland, California, USA - July 24, 1977.
Very Good Audience Recording :: Silver CDs :: Lossless FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Opening
02. The Song Remains The Same
03. Sick Again
04. Nobody's Fault But Mine
05. Over The Hills And Far Away
06. Since I've Been Loving You
07. No Quarter
08. Ten Years Gone
09. The Battle Of Evermore

Disc 2
01. Going To California
02. Mystery Train
03. Black Country Woman
04. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
05. Trampled Underfoot
06. White Summer - Black Mountain Side
07. Kashmir
08. Jimmy Page Solo
09. Achilles Last Stand
10. Stairway To Heaven
11. Whole Lotta Love
12. Rock And Roll
13. Ending MC

Files: 22. :: Size:  639 MB (flac).
Total Time: 02:38:06 hour/s.

*** Led Zeppelin North American Tour 1977 ***

Personnel: Jimmy Page :: John Paul Jones :: Robert Plant :: John Bonham.

Notes: This is a very good audience recording, meaning one below excellent. A girl does shout “PAGE” at quite a few moments between songs right into the mic, but that just adds to the atmosphere. Over all, the band is really on this day. There are some mic movements at various parts on CD 2, but nothing that interferes with the music. It is balanced over all and very listenable, given that its at a stadium with over 67,000 people on who knows what inside. Again, the first few notes of each song are not cut off, but the show is not complete, with missing Whole Lotta Love.

Tarantura has done an excellent job with editing
that did have to be done, and with EQ’ing. This is now the definitive release for Led Zepp’s last concert. Highly recommended. (Info taken from collectorsmusicreviews).

download lossless FLAC from


The Rolling Stones: Liver Than You'll Ever Be. (Singer's Original Double Disk :: SODD 013)
Recorded Live at Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA , USA - November 09, 1969 (First and Second Show).
Soundboard :: Silver CDs :: MP3 CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

Disc 1 (1st show)
01. Intro ~ Jumping Jack Flash
02. Prodigal Son
03. You Gotta Move
04. Carol
05. Sympathy For The Devil
06. Stray Cat Blues
07. Love In Vain
08. I'm Free
09. Under My Thumb
10. Midnight Rambler
11. Live With Me
12. Little Queenie
13. (i Can't Get No) Satisfaction
14. Honky Tonk Women
15. Street Fighting Man

Disc 2 (2nd show)
01. Jumping Jack Flash
02. Carol
03. Sympathy For The Devil
04. Stray Cat Blues
05. Prodigal Son
06. You Gotta Move
07. Love In Vain
08. I'm Free
09. Under My Thumb
10. Midnight Rambler
11. Live With Me
12. Gimme Shelter
13. Little Queenie
14. (i Can't Get No) Satisfaction
15. Honky Tonk Women
16. Street Fighting Man

Files: 31. :: Size: 338.54 MB (mp3) | 524 MB (flac).
Total Time: 02:28:00 hour/s.

*** The Rolling Stones American Tour 1969 ***

Personnel: Mick Jagger – lead vocals, harmonica, Keith Richards – guitar, backing vocals, Mick Taylor – guitar, Bill Wyman – bass guitar, Charlie Watts – drums and percussion.

Additional musicians:
Ian Stewart – piano.

Notes: Excellent sound. First show comes in silver cd pressed. Bonus CDR with second show. Complete artwork is included.<-(Info taken from original info file).

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or download mp3 @320 kbps from


Genesis: Violent Dreams. (Highland :: HL103-G17)
Recorded Live at Imperial College, London, England - November 18, 1972.
Very Good+ Audience Recording :: Silver CD :: Lossless FLAC.

01. Watcher Of The Skies
02. The Musical Box
03. Get'em Out By Friday
04. Supper's Ready
05. The Return Of The Giant Hogweed
06. The Knife

Files: 6. :: Size: 501 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:14:57 hour/s.

*** Foxtrot Tour ***

Personnel: Tony Banks - Keyboards :: Phil Collins - Percussion :: Peter Gabriel - Vocals :: Steve Hackett - Lead Guitar :: Mike Rutherford - Bass Guitar.

Notes: A very good sound for this audience recording. Peter's "dirty" story introducing The musical box is very amusing (the audience seems to agree with this). Supper's ready features a seldom heard "full ending" instead of the usual fade out.<-(Info taken from original info file).
download lossless FLAC from


Whitesnake: Stormbringer. (Tarantura :: TCDWS- 1-1.2 )
Recorded Live at Nakano-Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan - June 25, 1981.
Very Good Audience Recording :: Bootleg Silver CD/s :: Lossless FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Anouncement / SE
02. Opening
03. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues
04. Sweet Talker
05. Ready An' Willing
06. Don't Break My Heart Again
07. Till The Day I Die
08. Lovehunter
09. Micky Moody On Slide Guitar
10. Lovehunter (reprise)
11. Mistreated (featuring Bernie Marsden)
12. Soldier Of Fortune
13. Jon Lord Solo
14. Belgian Tom's Hat Trick
15. Ian Paice Solo
16. Belgian Tom's Hat Trick (reprise)

Disc 2
01. Ian Paice Introduction
02. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City
03. Would I Lie To You
04. Fool For Your Loving
05. Encore Cheer
06. Come On
07. I Wanna Thank You
08. Wine, Women An' Song
09. Band Introduction
10. Wine, Women An' Song (reprise)
11. SE-We Wish You Well / Ending
12. Anouncement

Files: 28. :: Size:  899 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:57:59 hour/s.

*** 1981 Japan Tour ***

Personnel: David Coverdale - Vocals :: Bernie Marsden - Guitar and Vocals :: Micky Moody - Guitar and Vocals :: Jon Lord - Keyboards :: Neil Murray - Bass :: Ian Paice - Drums .

Notes: Part of the Tarantura bootleg series which have been very enjoyable to say the least. Good quality audience recording. <-(Info taken from original nfo file).

Lineage: Aiff audio files via internet > Audacity > .wav > TLH > Flac (Level 8) > TLH > Fix Sbe's > You.
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