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Yes: The South Side. (RMCH 008)
Recorded Live at HiFi Buys Amphitheatre , Atlanta, Georgia , USA - August 13, 2002.
Excellent Audience Recording (3-source Stereo Mix Remaster) :: RoIO :: Lossless FLAC.

Disc 1
101. Firebird Suite
102. Siberian Khatru
103. America
104. In The Presence Of
105. We Have Heaven
106. South Side Of The Sky
107. The Revealing Science of God
108. Leaves Of Green
109. Georgia's Theme

Disc 2
201. Happy Birthday
202. Show Me
203. Wakeman Solo
204. And You And I (segment)
205. Heart Of The Sunrise
206. Magnification
207. Don't Kill The Whale
208. Whitefish
209. Awaken
210. Encore Break
211. Yours Is No Disgrace
212. Roundabout
X01. Firebird Suite -short

Files: 22.:: Size: 1.06 GB  (flac).
Total Time: 02:51:54 hour/s.

*** Full Circle Tour ***

Personnel: Jon Anderson - Vocals  / Steve Howe - Guitars  / Chris Squire - Bass Guitar  / Rick Wakeman - Keyboards  / Alan White - Drums.

Notes: 3-source Stereo Mix Remaster.  

Taper 1: Brian Emery (MrBakeman) - Lineage: CORESOUND CSB Mics > Battery Box>Sony PCM-M1 (DAT) > Sony PCM-M1 > PC > AUDACITY > WAV (16bit) > TLH > FLAC (8) Location: Dead Centre, about 15-20 rows back (slightly to the left, judging from photos provided by taper)

Taper 2: Steve Wehner (Relayerman) Lineage: CoreSound Binaural mics using a bass rolloff filter > Sony TCD-D7 DAT > Sony DDS DG90P tape > Mastering > FLAC
Location: About 20 rows back from the stage, dead center. (slightly to the right, judging from photos provided by taper)

 Taper 3:  Alternate Atlanta - - Lineage: Unknown - - Location:Unknown

Remaster: 01. Re-balance frequencies/EQ for each source: - 02. Correct balance and adjust power levels for each source - 03. Sync sources - 04. Patch missing sections so recordings are complete - 05. Combine all three sources to generate stereo field - 06. Correct phasing and centre sound field - 07. Repair/Remove hundreds of clicks and loud claps during music - 08. Reduce coughs, talking and other audience noise during music - 09. Adjust dynamics - 10. Re-track

Notes 2: During Howe acoustic guitar segments some whistles and yells can be heard in both Relayerman and Bakeman recordings but not heard well in Alternate Atlanta. * Wakeman solo includes segments from 6 Wives and Wonderous Stories. * Rick Wakeman transitions from his solo to a segment of And You And I, accompanied by Jon on vocals. * Whitefish includes segments from: Tempus Fugit, On The Silent Wings Of Freedom and Soundchaser.* Track x01 Firebird Suite contains only part two of the Firebird Suite. * Set One fits on one CD if Track X01 is used instead of Track 101. * Set Two fits on one CD if Tracks 201, 202 and 210 are omitted.

Relayerman Notes about the show: 1) The weak keyboards after Firebird are because Steve's amp wasn't working (he couldn't start Siberian Khatru as usual) so Rick decided to do some keyboard work. Normally Steve would have come right in after Firebird finished. Rick's keys just weren't up in the mix.
2) The sound men got the stage sound right around the last half of Siberian Khatru as you might notice a slight change in volume. That wasn't me, that was the sound guys.
3) Chris' bass had problems in Heart Of The Sunrise so you'll notice it's absent during some parts. Rick took up the slack some with keyboards.
4) Laughing at beginning of The Fish is due to Chris 'straightening his cuffs', kind of like saying 'ok, now I'm ready'.
5) Near the end of Roundabout there is a whistle. A young guy jumped up on stage and took off his shirt and started dancing. This swiftly came to a halt as some burly stage hands ran after him in front of the band. It was funny. Enjoy!.
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