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Queen: Definitive Denmark News. (Wardour :: Wardour 109)
Recorded Live at Falkoner Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark - April 13, 1978.
Excellent- Audience recording :: Silver CDs :: FLAC.

Disc 1
01. We Will Rock You (slow-fast)
02. Brighton Rock
03. Somebody To Love
04. Death On Two Legs
05. Killer Queen
06. Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy
07. I'm In Love With My Car
08. Get Down, Make Love
09. The Millionaire Waltz
10. You're My Best Friend
11. Spread Your Wings
12. It's Late
13. Now I'm Here

Disc 2
01. Love Of My Life
02. '39
03. My Melancholy Blues
04. White Man
05. The Prophet's Song
06. Brighton Rock
07. The Prophet's Song (reprise)
08. Stone Cold Crazy
09. Bohemian Rhapsody
10. Keep Yourself Alive
11. Tie Your Mother Down
12. We Will Rock You
13. We Are The Champions
14. Sheer Heart Attack
15. Jailhouse Rock
16. God Save The Queen

Files: 29.:: Size: 631,68 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:53:19 hour/s.

*** European News Of The World tour ***

Personnel: Brian May – lead guitar, vocals / Roger Taylor – drums, percussion, vocals / Freddie Mercury – lead vocals, piano / John Deacon – bass.

Notes: Some years ago surfaced the cleanest version of the Copenhagen audience recording. The tape runs a bit fast, though. In 2007, Wardour bootlegged that version that had been freely available for download a few years prior in "Denmark News". Wardour bootlegged the show again in 2013 (this Wardour silvers), very likely using the same source tape. It seems it has only been EQ'd to bring out the top end, and the tape's speed has been corrected.

Queen waited four months between ending the News Of The World North American tour before playing in Europe. The first show was in Stockholm on April 12th and was released on the silver title Big Disgrace (GE-254/255) on Gypsy Eye, one of their last titles before converting into the cdr label Breakdown.

The second concert of the tour at the Falkoner Theatre in Denmark is presented on Denmark News, one of two recent Wardour releases from the first two weeks of this tour. Denmark was released previously on Rock ‘n’ Roll, Tonight, Okay!! on Gypsy Eye (GE-123/124) which uses a high generation copy of the common tape source. Denmark News uses a source closer to the master and sounds much more full with more dynamics.

It is a significant improvement of Gypsy Eye. There are several very small cuts on the tape after “Spread Your Wings”, “The Prophet’s Song”, “Tie Your Mother Down”, “We Are The Champions”, and “Sheer Heart Attack” but no music is lost. Perhaps the taper was checking the tape between songs. There is also a slight tape wobble during “We Are The Champions” and the encores.

Some claim this is the best sounding tape from the entire European News Of The World tour that exists. The venue is small and wasn’t sold out (Freddie complains about the latter during the show), but helped the taper produce a highly enjoyable tape with a wonderful live sound to it.

The set list for the spring tour was similar to the North American tour. “It’s Late”, which was rarely played before, now became a regular inclusion replacing “Liar”, which would only appear in the second Rotterdam and first London concerts. “Now I’m Here” on the earlier tour was segued directly with the guitar solo with no return to “The Prophet’s Song”.

In Europe it has been moved to before the short acoustic set and played as an independent number with the guitar solo returning to “The Prophet’s Song”. Being the second night Freddie is in great voice (Info taken from

Lineage: Definitive Denmark News (Wardour) CD --> WAV (with EAC) --> Flac level 8 (with XRECODE).
download lossless FLAC from


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thank you for this great audience recording. Would be great to have you reguarly back here, this blog was one of the five best bootleg blogs when it was active - and could be one of them again !!!

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