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Jimi Hendrix: Have Mercy On Me Baby. (Midnight Beat :: MB CD 038)
Recorded Live at Flamingo Club, London, UK - February 04, 1967 + Bonus tracks Philharmonic Hall, New York - November 28, 1968.
VG-/G+ Audience Recording :: Silver CD :: MP3 CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

01. Killing Floor
02. Have Mercy
03. Can You See Me
04. Like A Rolling Stone
05. Rock Me Baby
06. Catfish Blues
07. Stone Free
08. Hey Joe
09. Wild Thing
10. I Don't Live Today
11. Hear My Train A Comin'
12. Spanish Castle Magic

Files: 12.:: Size: 152.98 MB (mp3) | 186 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:10:33 hour/s.

*** UK First Tour 1967 ***

Personnel: Jimi Hendrix – lead vocals, guitar :: Noel Redding – bass, backing vocals :: Mitch Mitchell - drums.

Notes: (labeled as: "Have mersy on me baby!") Recorded at the Flamingo Club, London; Feb 4, 1967. This was Jimi's second live recording with the experience. He introduced his new band to a small audience of friends. Tracks 10, 11 and 12 are from Philharmonic Hall; November 28, 1968. In their seemingly never ending quest to be the label responsible for the most Hendrix bootleg cds Midnight Beat now bring us the earliest known Experience gig to have been preserved on amateur equipment, the 4 February 1967 Flamingo Club show. The final three tracks on the disc are from the 28 November 1968 Philharmonic Hall show in New York. The cover erroneously states that 'this was Jimi's second show for a live audience' when in truth the band had been engaged in some pretty concerted gigging from the early part of October 1966. This factual error apart this picture disc is nicely packaged with the type of graphics that we have come to expect from the label and the dates and venues given are correct.

The sound quality of the Flamingo tape is what might best be described as bassy with all instruments audible but the vocals slightly buried, the sound on this disc is a lot sharper which points to a clean up and that in itself is no bad thing. The vocals are certainly more distinct but it still is never going to win any prizes in the Hi Fidelity stakes. However that aside this is far preferable to the Japanese cd 'LIVE AT THE FLAMINGO CLUB, LONDON 2.4. 1967' which is rather too sharp and piercing. If you need this show on cd then this is the one to track down, it's better packaged than its far Eastern counterpart and more to the point it is a damn sight cheaper.

If the Flamingo Club tape displays The Experience in their fledgling state then the final three tracks on the disc from the Philharmonic Hall present them in their full phoenix like trappings. No longer are the songs succinct as in the early days, the strokes on the psychedelic canvas are vast. There are two tapes from the Philharmonic show. The first documents the whole show but is inferior in quality to the second which sadly only has three tracks present. It is the second and better quality tape that has been used as source for this cd and although these tracks were featured on the 'PHILHARMONIC PLUS' bootleg, where they were taken from vinyl, Midnight beat have obviously done a bit of searching to come up with a fairly low generation tape master. The sound quality is reasonably good for an audience tape with comments from the audience clearly audible so once again don't expect a revealing sound excursion.

As far as recordings of historic importance go The Flamingo Club must rate pretty highly, that is until an earlier show turns up, and as such this cd is probably the best place to find it outside of a really good copy of the tape and that is quite a difficult thing to find. Not recommended for the casual purchaser, definitely one for the seasoned Hendrix collector and I guess that applies to you otherwise you wouldn't be reading this
. (Info taken from Karl J. Geisler).

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Anonyme a dit…

I hate you , you dumb fuck.

AussieRock a dit…

Oh dear - you seemed to have pissed someone off !
Well - I appreciate your post.
Many thanks for this (NB. also circulates as 'Live at the Flamingo Club')

Julien Rohmer a dit…

the files are always available , GOOD JOB !!! Thanks

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