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Jefferson Airplane Mega-rare restored LP "Live - Jefferson Airplane". Unknown date and location 1970-xx-xx AUD - outstanding performance.

Hey!!! It isn't that I don't have a feeling for which performance this actually is (I do), it's just that I can't prove it as there are still one or two loose ends to nailing it down. The song "Mexico" is played as part of this set, introduced as a new number. I've determined the following dates and locations for that song and these others:

Setlist (run time 35m01s)

Somebody To Love
The Other Side Of This Life
Good Shepard/Shepard Jam
Uncle Sam Blues
We Can Be Together

The only dates and venues these songs were played together were:
1970-03-06 Memorial Auditorium, Dallas Texas,
1970-05-01 Suny Athletic Field, Stony Brook, NY,
1970-05-03 Central Park, NY
1970-05-06 Fillmore East, NY,
1970-05-07 Fillmore East, NY

Based upon all this information, my preference is for this show to be from Central Park. It's an outdoor performance (but so was Stony Brook), the bootleg pressing is "East Coast", meaning that it's unlikely a Dallas show would be used. The existing Stony Brook tape already torrented does not match this one. The existing May 7th soundboard recording from the Fillmore doesn't match either.

This album is so rare that the Hot Wacks discography doesn't have complete information on it. I've included a partial cover scan as I couldn't figure out how to get the whole LP on one jpg.

This recording required major work to make it acceptable. The multiple EQ passes left the sound somewhat flat, for which I am sorry. Everything is audible now however, and this show should be a keeper for you. IMNSHO this is one of the best vocals Grace ever did - she sounds even better to me than on the other dates around this time period. Listen to the sample before downloading!

Lineage: LP ->major speed correction on turntable, fine-tuning within Sound Forge, , click and crackle removal tool, 2x EQ passes to lower midrange and even out spectrum, FLAC via TLH level 6, sectors aligned and verified, FLAC? integrity checked. Enjoy! A DoinkerTape.

download lossless FLAC from



Anonyme a dit…

What a jewel!!! ty

luke kurtis a dit…

Thanks for this great post. I could actually help with a full size scan if you're interested. I'll drop you an email so you can contact me that way if you like.

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you!

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