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Depeche Mode: Perfomance. (The Swingin' Pig :: TSP-CD-090-2)
Recorded Live at St. Jacobs Sporthalle, Basel, Switzerland - November 30, 1984.
Excellent Soundboard Recording :: Silver CDs :: Lossless FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Something To Do
02. Two Minute Warning
03. Puppets
04. If You Want (#)
05. People Are People (#)
06. Leave In Silence
07. New Life
08. Shame (#)
09. Somebody (*) (#)
10. Ice Machine

Disc 2
01. Lie To Me
02. Blasphemous Rumours (#)
03. Told You So
04. Master And Servant (#)
05. Photographic
06. Everything Counts
07. See You
08. Shout
09. Just Can't Get Enough

Files: 13. :: Size: 407 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:01:09 hour/s.

*** Some Great Reward Tour * Europe, Leg #1 ***

Personnel: Dave Gahan - lead vocals :: Martin Gore - keyboards, backing vocals, occasional lead vocals (*) :: Alan Wilder - keyboards, backing vocals :: Andrew Fletcher - keyboards, backing vocals.

Notes: Incomplete FM broadcast * Lineage: "Performance" bootleg (The Swingin' Pig / TSP CD 090 2) -> EAC FLAC (supposedly secure mode; not my rip) -> sped up 1.5% and normalized to -1.0db and centered on DC offset using Audacity 1.3.13 beta -> FLAC level 8.

An excellent, nearly complete FM broadcast. Somewhat loud. Intro is missing. It sounds like there may be watermarks throughout the show (example: "Leave In Silence", 1:44; "Ice Machine", 0:13). The artwork is incorrect: it claims that this is a recording of 1984-11-29, but there was no concert played that night according to The Basel concert was played on 1984-11-30.

COMMERCIAL TRACKS: Tracks marked with (#) have been commercially released and have been omitted from this torrent. I am sorry for the inconvenience. NOTE ABOUT Track 1.09 "Somebody": one page on depmod ( albums/some_great_reward/ a04387.htm) claims that a remaster of Some Great Reward includes a recording of "Somebody" from 1984-11-30, but I strongly believe it is the 1984-09-29 Liverpool "Somebody" found on previous releases and on other remaster releases, and that the listing on depmod is a mistake. I have posted this on depmod forums, and hopefully someone will resolve it soon. However, since I am unable to verify the track's authenticity on the said edition of SGR, I have not included "Somebody" from this recording to prevent this torrent from being banned at this time.

At least two other recordings exist of this concert that I know of, both FM broadcasts: 1) One is titled "Badlands" and sounds inferior to this recording, is missing songs, and I have not yet found a lossless copy. It is also the only truly complete version of this concert. 2) The other is a Westwood One radio broadcast (or pre-FM? my copy sounds like it's sourced from tape, has an annoying ringing, and advertisements included) I believe from 1985, which has fake crowd noise and even fewer songs than "Badlands," and I have also been unable to find a lossless copy.

discotraxxx has said that this concert is available on several other LP/CDs, but with worse sound than "Performance" and "Badlands", and that some other non-bootleg sourced FM versions of this concert exist (including the master used for "Performance"), but are not currently circulating. He also believes that at least two broadcasts took place after this concert, not just the Westwood One broadcast I mentioned above. Thanks for providing that info, discotraxxx!
. (Info taken from original info file).

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