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David Bowie: Aylesbury Friars Club 1971. (Rattle Snake :: RS 193)
Recorded Live at Aylesbury Frias Club, Aylesbury, UK - September 25, 1971.
Very Good+/Ex- Audience Recording :: Silver CD :: Lossless FLAC.

01. Intro
02. Fill Your Heart
03. Buzz The Fuzz
04. Space Oddity
05. Amsterdam
06. The Supermen
07. Oh! You Pretty Things
08. Eight Line Poem
09. Changes
10. Song For Bob Dylan
11. Andy Warhol
12. Queen Bitch
13. Looking For A Friend
14. Around And Around
15. Waiting For The Man

Files: 15.:: Size: 298 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:02:27 hour/s.

Personnel: Bowie performs with Michael Ronson (lead guitar), Mick Woodmansey (percussion), Trevor Bolder (bass guitar), Tom Parker ex Animals (piano).

Notes: This is the third issue of the Aylesbury concert (Close To The Golden Dawn 2003 and The Spiders From Aylesbury 2003) but this time the soundquality is a bit clearer. It has a slightly longer intro as well: If we all move up just a little bit "you know" get closer. Comes with a booklet which has some nice pictures inside from 1971.
(from the liner notes) What we have here is one of the rarest Bowie recordings of all time the Pre Ziggy Stardust Show, only weeks before Bowie had his first meeting (September 10th 1971) with Andy Warhol at the Factory in New York.

At Aylesbury Bowie performs with Michael Ronson (lead guitar), Mick Woodmansey (percussion), Trevor Bolder (bass guitar), Tom Parker ex Animals (piano).

Weeks later Bowie and his new band would start rehearsals at the Underhill Rehearsals Studios South London, the new band would soon be named the Spiders and Ziggy would be there. The rest is history as they say. Enjoy!.
.(Info taken from original info files).

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snowybeatle a dit…

Great posting. I was personally at this Friars gig, along with my girlfriend of the time, Sue. We bumped into Bowie at the bar, who commented on my jacket (it was probably horrible!) and then we sat on the floor, with everyone else, prepared to be amazed. I've got a feeling Lol Coxhill was somewhere on the support line up, (someone might know) So, this one's dedicated to Sue, if you're still out there and for Mick Borre (who now lives in the US) for getting us to the gig, which turned out to be pretty amazing. I'm looking forward to this rarity, if only for pure nostalgic reasons!

Henry Ponds a dit…


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