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Rush: Over The Europe. (Metal Crash :: MECD 2084/2085)
Recorded Live at Hans-Martin Schlayerhalle, Stuttgart, Germany - April 29, 1992.
Excellent+ Audience Recording :: Silver CDs :: Lossless FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Force Ten
02. Limelight
03. Freewill
04. Distant Early Warning
05. Time Stand Still
06. Dreamline
07. Bravado
08. Roll The Bones
09. Show Don't Tell
10. The Big Money
11. Ghost Of A Chance
12. Subdivisions

Disc 2
01. The Pass
02. Where's My Thing?
03. The Rhythm Method
04. Closer To The Heart
05. Xanadu
06. Superconductor
07. Tom Sawyer
08. Medley

Files: 20. :: Size: 288.93 MB (mp3) |798 MB (flac).
Total Time: 02:06:15 hour/s.

*** RTB tour ***

Personnel: Geddy Lee :: Alex Lifeson :: Neil Peart.

Notes: Rush CD Bootleg List Review: (Audio - 9) This double boot contains the entire Roll the Bones show. It has superb sound quality, a decent-looking booklet, and as a bonus, a very strange conversation Alex had with himself during "Closer to the Heart". For quite a while the exact date of this show was a mystery. Many thought it was the Holland show, but I got it on good authority from a friend that this was from Stuttgart instead. The reason for this mystery is rather annoying - the company that put this out cut out the section where Geddy says hello to the city that they happen to be in. The cut itself is hard to hear, but there is a good chunk of talk missing. However, one clue is that you do hear him speak German later in the show. Sound wise, the show is nearly flawless. This almost could be from a soundboard, except for the annoying clapping at the beginning of some of the first songs. The band sounds a little distant, but for the most part much louder than the audience. The booklet has some wonderful pictures taken during the RTB tour, but unfortunately they have enormous purple dice covering up part of every one. The discs are picture discs of more purple dice. The only mislabeled song is "Distant Early Warning", mistakenly put down as "Red Sector A". A very decent CD of the RTB tour, well worth the money. If you like Alex, dice and German, this is the one for you! (1999-04-01)

Bill Girton Review: (Audio - 9) What a great show. This is an excellent audience recording. Everything sounds nice and clear. The audience noise is almost non existent. There is someone who claps along with the beginning of a few songs but it quickly stops. A few highlights of the show, the little extra jam at the end of Bravado and Alex's improv vocals during Closer To The Heart. The only negative thing about the recording is that the bass is low. I would actually recommend this show over Mirrors. I think the band as a whole gives a much better performance than the Oakland show. Overall, a must have for the Bones era. (1999-04-01)

Nate Hertzog Review: (Audio - 9) This show is probably the best audience recording I've ever heard. Everything comes through loud and clear, and there are no noticeable splices. Alex really goes off during Closer to the Heart. Seems as though he's trying to imitate a Kung-Fu movie script. Quite entertaining. (1999-04-01)
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Thanks. Great sounding Rush. Glad to see you back.


Anonyme a dit…

thanks for this!

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