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Rush: Mystery Eyes. (Gypsy Eye :: GYPSY EYE 199/200)
Recorded Live at International Amphitheater, Chicago, Illinois, USA - March 01, 1981.
Excellent Audience Recording :: Silver CD/s :: Lossless FLAC.

Disc 1
01. 2112 / Overture / Temples of Syrinx
02. Freewill
03. Limelight
04. Hemispheres Prelude
05. Beneath, Between And Behind
06. The Camera Eye
07. YYZ / Drum Solo
08. Broon's Bane / The Trees
09. Xanadu

Disc 2
01. The Spirit of Radio
02. Red Barchetta
03. Closer To The Heart
04. Tom Sawyer
05. Vital Signs
06. Natural Science
07. Working Man
08. Hemispheres Armageddon
09. Bytor And The Snowdog
10. In The End
11. In The Mood
12. 2112 / Grand Finale
13. La Villa Strangiato

Files: 22. :: Size: 785 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:57:42 hour/s.

*** Moving Pictures Tour ***

Personnel: Geddy Lee :: Alex Lifeson :: Neil Peart.

Notes: This is the best MP show that I have heard (though I've not heard 6-16-81 yet). It's not a soundboard like the Hartford show, but it sounds much better in my opinion. The mix is near perfect, definitely better than that of Exit Stage Left. This is also the complete show from the beginning of Overture to the end of La Villa, though I suspect it's missing the encore. Pick this one up if you can, it just doesn't sound like a bootleg. (Cary's Notes -Audio: 8) ::::: Excellent bootleg, about as good as you are going to get from an audience recording. Nearly flawless with the exception of a small cut in The Trees (Chris -Audio: 9).<-(Info taken from
download lossless FLAC from



The Commish a dit…

Link is broken. Can this be re-poseted?

Admin a dit…

New files online. Enjoy!

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks a lot !
Is it possible to have uploaded the new Led Zeppelin LA 24 & 27 March 1975 Winston remasters, please ? Thanks very much !!

Unknown a dit…

this is the full concert according

Remco van den Heuvel a dit…

this is the full show according to

Remco van den Heuvel a dit…

this is the full concert according

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