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Kraftwerk: Central Passage. (Dreamradio Records :: KW 198-105-19)
Recorded Live at Teatro Apollo, Firenze, Italy - May 19, 1981.
Excellent Audience Recording :: Bootleg Double LP :: lossless FLAC.

L.P. 1
01. Intro - Numbers
02. Computer World
03. Home Computer
04. It's More Fun To Compute
05. Computer Love
06. The Model
07. Neon Lights
08. Geiger Counter - Radioactivity - The Voice Of Energy - Uranium - Die Sonne, Der Mond, Die Sterne
09. Ohm Sweet Ohm

L.P. 2
01. Autobahn
02. Trans Europe Express - Metal On Metal
03. Hall Of Mirrors - Mitternacht
04. Les Mannequins
05. Pocket Calculator
06. The Robots

Files: 15. :: Size: 744 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:43:02 hour/s.

*** Computer World Tour ***

Personnel: Ralf Hütter :: Karl Bartos :: Wolfgang Flür :: Florian Schneider.

Notes: I've got this treasure in a trade with an Italian fellow trader who owns the first issue of the vinyl bootleg "Central Passage" (Dreamradio Records, KW 198 105 19). He digitised it by himself and sent me the raw 16-bit files via Soulseek. This bootleg features the very first concert - in a complete form! - of the Computer World Tour, which happened splitted in two legs back in 1981. As far as I know, this is the ONLY source of this concert that has made its way into trading circles. A silver bootleg CD called "Hyper Cerebral Machine" (Vox Populi, Work 5536-2) claims to feature a recording of this concert, but it actually brings the one at Palalido, Milano from May 27th, 1981 - and in an incomplete form.

Something curious on this recording - and in most of the earliest Computer World concerts - is that "It's More Fun To Compute" was played just like in the album, rather than that funky version that used to close the concerts. Besides, "Showroom Dummies" is sung in French, thus we call it "Les Mannequins", and "Pocket Calculator" is partially sung with Italian lyrics ("Mini Calcolatore"). The sound quality is quite good if compared to most of the other recordings already surfaced from this tour

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