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Rainbow: Legend Of The Additional Perfomance. (Tarantura :: TCDNIJIFUNE-1-1-2)
Recorded Live at Taiikukan Tokyo, Shibuya, Japan - December 02, 1976.
Very Good Audience Recording :: Bootleg Silver CD/s :: CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

Disc 1
01. American Woman (The Guess Who)
02. Monitor Check / band tuning
03. Over The Rainbow
04. Start
05. Kill The King
06. The 1st MC by Ronnie / Mistreated introduction
07. Guitar Solo
08. Riot on arena
09. Promoter’s Speech
10. Guitar Solo
11. Mistreated
12. MC
13. Greensleeves
14. 16th Century Greensleeves
15. Niji Flashing working
16. Das Wohltemperirte Clavier
17. Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben BWV147
18. Catch The Rainbow *
19. Band Introduction
20. Guitar Solo
21. Lazy
22. White Christmas
23. Man On The Silver Mountain
24. Blues
25. Man On The Silver Mountain
26. Starstruck
27. Man On The Silver Mountain

Disc 2
01. MC
02. Keyboard Solo
03. Stargazer
04. Still I’m Sad *
05. Keyboard Solo
06. Drum Solo
07. 1812 Overture
08. Drum Solo
09. Still I’m Sad ( reprise) *
10. Guitar Solo
11. Do You Close Your Eyes (Guitar Clashing)
12. Over The Rainbow *

Files: 39. :: Size: 280.79 MB (mp3) / 865 MB (flac).
Total Time: 02:02:35 hour/s.

*** Rising Japan Tour ***

Personnel: Ritchie Blackmore: Guitar :: Ronnie James Dio: Vocals (R.I.P.) :: Jimmy Bain: Bass :: Tony Carey: Keyboards :: Cozy Powell: Drums (R.I.P.).

Notes: * Edited With Aquarius Uijin Master Tapes.

Review from Collectors Music Reviews: With the very recent, untimely passing of the great Ronnie James Dio, listening to Tarantura’s Legend of the Additional Performance brings extra significance to this reviewer. For us fellow collectors of Tarantura’s wonderful run of vintage, previously uncirculated live Rainbow, a recording of this concert was debuted by Tarantura in April, 2009 on its Uijin’ (TCDRAINBOW-3-1, 2) release. That title was sourced from the original master cassettes from Aquarius, and it has already received a thorough, detailed review on this site by relayer67.

In Legend of the Additional Performance, Tarantura present this show in significantly upgraded audio sourced from Mr. Peach’s master cassettes. However, where there were gaps in Peach’s recording, Tarantura filled them with Aquarius’s master tapes. As a result, the listener is furnished with the ability to appreciate the expansive, beautiful dimension that makes Peach’s recordings so precious. The first example of this occurs in “Catch the Rainbow”. The vocal harmonies were captured exquisitely by Peach, as were Powell’s tom-tom fills, cowbell, Carey’s synthesized backing, and Blackmore’s emotional runs.
Blackmore’s solo midway through the song was particularly aggressive, driven from behind by Powell’s signature (albeit somewhat predictable) fills, when at around 10:20 in the track Aquarius’s recording is patched in and the difference between the two sources can be appreciated for about 25 seconds before Peach’s recording drifts back into focus. And it is at that point that you are treated with Dio’s remarkable vocal soloing about catching the rainbow and riding the sky before Blackmore peacefully ended the song. Simply gorgeous, and all presented with great clarity.
The next instances of Aquarius’s master recording patching Peach’s source can be found at the first 10 seconds of “Still I’m Sad”, just as the band explodes into the song, toward the end of the song’s reprise after Carey and Powell’s soloing, and with the show closer of “Over the Rainbow”.
The title’s sturdy jacket, which displays a triumphant on stage image when opened fully, also contains images on the inside of the Sony and Maxell original cassette tapes used to create this one-of-a-kind production. And it is with those words that this title is enthusiastically recommended for any collector of Rainbow’s live catalog.<-(Info taken from original info file).

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or download mp3 @320 kbps from


Anonyme a dit…

Thank you very much!

mig a dit…

I've been trying to download this show and I can't, I tried 4 times during the week with uploaded and depositfiles, it's impossible. The file is too large. I don't know, maybe it's my internet conection. Could you upload the mp3 version of this please?
I didn't know about this date and the setlist looks so cool.

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