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Dead Kennedys: The Virgin Demos. (No Label)
Studio demos :: Tape :: CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

01. Government Flu
02. Terminal Preppie
03. Trust Your Mechanic
04. Buzzbomb
05. Halloween
06. Winnebago Warrior
07. Bleed For Me
08. I Am The Owl
09. Saturday Night Holocaust
10. Well Paid Scientist
11. Forest Fire
12. Riot
13. Life Sentence
14. Dead End
15. Moon Over Marin
16. Kepone Factory
17. The Prey

Files: 17. :: Size: 128.78 MB (mp3) / 322 MB (flac).
Total Time: 00:56:16 hour/s.

Personnel: Jello Biafra - Vocals :: East Bay Ray - Guitar :: Klaus Fluoride - Bass :: D.H. Peligro - Drums.

Notes: - Good quality early demo versions of songs that would make up DK's "Plastic Surgery Disasters" in its entirety (and associated B-Sides) - Some lyrics and instrumentation are slightly different than official/final versions - Raw mix with bass panned completely to the left channel and guitar on the right sounding like it was recorded live in the studio. - Tracks 16 & 17 most likely recorded March/April 1981.<-(Info taken from original info file).

"Moon Over Marin" shines over the officially released version. It's played faster (at the speed it should be played), and the volume levels are the same for each of the four guys. You can actually hear the bass and drums, and Jello isn't "making this one count." WhaleEyeless

This album is a demo of Plastic Surgery Disasters, with a few other Dead Kennedys songs. The sound quality is probably the best I've ever heard from a demo. The songs are pretty much the exact same, with a few differences, but like I said the songs sound almost identical. The mixing is somewhat primitive, with the vocals and bass in the left channel, with the guitar and drums in the right channel. Overall I'd say this is worth having if Plastic Surgery Disasters is your favorite album (like me) or if you're a huge fan of the Dead Kennedys/bootlegs in general. holmzito

Lineage: tape (Sony TC-K611) > HD (normalize, noise reduction, cut) > cd > EAC > FLAC. ::: Edits: FLAC > WAVE (normalize channels) > FLAC [level 8].

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