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The Rolling Stones: Keep Your Motor Runnin'. Collector's Gold Edition. (Vinyl Gang Product :: VGP-243)
1972 US Tour & 1973 EURO Tour Compilation.
Excellent Soundboard Recording :: Bootleg Silver CD :: CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

01. Brown Sugar
02. Bitch
03. Gimme Shelter
04. Happy
05. Tumbling Dice
06. Sweet Virginia
07. You Can't Always Get What You Want
08. All Down The Line
09. Bye Bye Johnny
10. Rip This Joint
11. Uptight / I Can't Get No Satisfaction (with Stevie Wonder & Wonderlove)
12. Brown Sugar
13. Star Star
14. Dancing With Mr.D
15. Angie

Files: 15.:: Size: 148.35 MB (mp3) / 450 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:04:51 hour/s.

Personnel: Mick Jagger :: Keith Richards :: Charlie Watts :: Mick Taylor :: Bill Wyman.

Special Guest Musician: Stevie Wonder.

Notes: Sound Quality: Excellent Stereo Soundboard. Best possible sound for these sources! The Lost Live Album. 1972 US Tour & 1973 EURO TOUR Compilation. VGP 243 Gold edition ::::: 1, Brown Sugar (Philadelphia, July 20, 1972) - 2, Bitch (Philadelphia, July 20, 1972) - 3, Gimme Shelter (Philadelphia, July 20, 1972) - 4, Happy (Fort Worth, June 24, 1972-1st Show) - 5, Tumbling Dice (Philadelphia, July 20, 1972) - 6, Sweet Virginia (Philadelphia, July 21, 1972-1st Show) - 7, You Can't Always Get What You Want (Houston, June 25, 1972-1st Show) - 8, All Down The Line (Philadelphia, July 21, 1972-2nd Show) - 9, Bye Bye Johnny (Philadelphia, July 20, 1972) - 10, Rip THis Joint (Philadelphia, July 20, 1972) - 11, Uptight / Satisfaction (Philadelphia, July 20, 1972) - 12, Brown Sugar (Newcastle, September 13, 1973-1st Show) - 13, Star Star (Newcastle, September 13, 1973-1st Show) - 14, Dancing With MR.D (London, September 9, 1973) - 15, Angie (Newcastle, September 13, 1973-1st Show) ::::: This compilation includes Happy, which many feel may have also been considered for official release given the sound quality and production of the song that was noted on "Very Ancient, Thank You Kindly". This VGP release is the closest thing that you will get, including the cover artwork (Keith substituted for Stevie) for the Great Lost Live Album of 1972. Note that only Happy has a source show that is in common with the "Ladies And Gentlemen The Rolling Stones" movie soundtrack. Maybe reason enough to conclude that it wasn't going to be on the LP release. Generally speaking the movie favors Houston, June 25, 1972 sources over the Philadelphia sources found on "Keep Your Motor Runnin'". They may have preferred sound and performance for the LP from Philadelphia and the video from Houston for the movie. The musical performances from Philly on the whole are indeed exceptional.<-(Info taken from

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Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for all you share. I really apreciate your efforts and your blog!


Anonyme a dit…

Another great boot from your fantastic site!
All the luck to you superb working guys!!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Just : EXCEPTIONNEL. Great show, great tracklist, great band. Thank you.
Keith_Michard (French fan of Stones)

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