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Derek And The Dominos: Let's Play Domino. (The Godfatherecords :: G.R. 528)
Recorded Live at Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, California, USA - November 20, 1970.
Very Good Audience Recording :: Bootleg Silver CD :: CBR 320 kbps.

01. Got To Get Better In A Little While
02. Key To The Highway
03. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad
04. Blues Power
05. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
06. Tell The Truth
07. Derek's Boogie
08. Let It Rain
09. Everyday I Have The Blues

Files: 9. :: Size: 182,80 MB (mp3) / 500 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:19:54 hour/s.

Personnel: Eric Clapton :: Carl Radle :: Jim Gordon :: Bobby Whitlcok .
Guest Musician: B.B.King (track09).

Notes: Quality Very Good Audience. Quite sensational considering the technology at the time. Brilliant performance, of bloody course. Eric Clapton in his prime......hmmm, well actually that's not true - he got a lot better, 20 years later. Track 09. Everyday I Have The Blues[live at Music Hall, Cincinnati, Ohio, November 26th 1970 - featuring B.B. King as special guest.
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Paul McCartney: Good Evening Paris 2009. (Piccadilly Circus :: PCCD-82/83/84)
Recorded Live at Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy , Paris , France - December 10, 2009.
Excellent Audience Recording :: Bootleg Silver CD/s :: CBR 320 kbps & SHN .

Disc 1
01. Opening
02. Magical Mystery Tour
03. Drive My Car
04. Jet
05. Only Mama Knows
06. Flaming Pie
07. Got To Get You Into My Life
08. Let Me Roll It
09. Highway
10. The Long And Winding Road
11. I Want To Come Home
12. My Love
13. Blackbird
14. Here Today
15. Dance Tonight
16. And I Love Her

Disc 2
01. Mrs. Vanderbilt
02. Michelle
03. Eleanor Rigby
04. Band On The Run
05. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
06. Sing The Changes
07. Back In The U.S.S.R.
08. Something
09. I've Got A Feeling
10. Paperback Writer
11. A Day In The Life - Give Peace A Chance
12. Let It Be
13. Live And Let Die
14. Hey Jude

Disc 3
01. Day Tripper
02. Lady Madonna
03. Get Back
04. Yesterday
05. Helter Skelter
06. SGT. Pepper's Reprise - The End
07. I Saw Her Standing There (w/ Billy Joel)
08. Let It Be (w/ Billy Joel)
09. I Saw Her Standing There
10. Hello Berlin Jam

Files: 40. :: Size: 409,60 MB (mp3) / 1.3 GB (lossless).
Total Time: 02:58:58 hour/s.

*** Good Evening Europe Tour ***

Personnel: Paul McCartney: vocals, guitar, piano :: Brian Ray: guitar :: Rusty Anderson: guitar :: Paul "Wix" Wickens: keyboards :: Abe Laboriel Jnr: drums .

Notes: Great audience recording, Very good sound quality :::: Bonus tracks : Live at the SHEA STADIUM, New York, NYC, U.S.A. 18th July 2008. Billy Joel with Paul McCartney 07. I Saw Her Standing There / 08. Let It Be :::: "The 51st Annual Grammy Awards" Staples Center Los Angeles CA U.S.A. 8th February 2009 :::: 09. I Saw Her Standing There, Good Evening Europe rehearsals :::: 10. Hello Berlin Jam.<-(Info taken from original nfo file).
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Breeders: Sonic Ecstasy. (Octopus :: OCTO 015)
Recorded Live at Metro, Chicago, Illinois, USA - June 06, 1994.
Excellent Soundboard Recording :: Bootleg Silver CD :: CBR 320 kbps.

01. SOS
02. New Year
03. Hellbound
04. When I Was A Painter
05. No Aloha
06. Flipside
07. Never Call Home
08. Iris
09. Lord Of The Thighs
10. Fortunately
11. Cannonball
12. Invisable
13. Roi
14. Hag
15. Divine Hammer
16. Safari
17. Saints
18. Doe

Files: 18. :: Size: 119,74 MB (mp3) / 353 MB (flac).
Total Time: 00:52:19 hour/s.

Personnel: Kim Deal :: Kelley Deal :: Josephine Wiggs :: Jim MacPherson .

Notes: Clearly an FM cap turned-silver boot, a nice quality set from the Breeders breakout year. This is what you want to hear in a live show: great effing sound and a band that comes ready to play. Probably would make my list of my 20 favorite bootlegs. Sonic ecstacy, indeed!.<-(Info taken from
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David Bowie feat. Peter Frampton & Carlos Alomar - A Son Of The Circus. (No Label)
Recorded Live at Lansdowne Park, Ottawa, Canada - August 28, 1987
Excellent Soundboard Recording :: CBR 320 kbps.

Disc 1
01. Intro - Up The Hill Backwards
02. Glass Spider - Up The Hill Backwards (reprise)
03. Day In Day Out
04. Bang Bang
05. Absolute Beginners
06. Loving The Alien
07. China Girl
08. Rebel Rebel
09. Fashion

Disc 2
01. Scary Monsters
02. All The Madmen
03. Never Let Me Down
04. Big Brother
05. 87 & Cry
06. Heroes
07. Sons Of The Silent Age
08. Time Will Crawl

Disc 3
01. Young Americans
02. Beat Of Your Drum
03. The Jean Genie
04. Let's Dance
05. Fame
06. Time
07. Blue Jean
08. Modern Love

Notes: In 1987, Frampton's career enjoyed a tremendous surge when he was invited by David Bowie to play lead guitar on the latter's Glass Spider World Tour. Peter had competition for that lead-guitar spot from Carlos Alomar, Bowie's faithful six-stringer who solos on 'Fashion' and 'Scary Monsters'. Frampton isn't used to sharing the stage with any guitarist, lead or otherwise. It also helped that Richard Cottle, one of Bowie's keyboardists, played on Frampton's 'Premonition' and toured with him in 1986 and 1998; and bassist Carmine Rojas worked with Frampton on some unreleased songs from the 'Premonition' sessions. <-(Taken from

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The Doors with Eddie Vedder. [The Swingin' Pig TSP-CDS-005 Maxi CD]
The Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame induction perfomance, Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles - January 12, 1993
Excellent Soundboard Recording - CBR 320 kbps

01. Roadhouse Blues
02. Break On Through
03. Light My Fire

Notes: Ripped from original "Swingin' Pig" bootleg. The quality is absolutely awesome! Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder does a really good job in front of the Doors.

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Black Sabbath: Madrid 1983. (No Label)
Recorded Live at Pabellon de Desportes, Madrid, Spain - September 14, 1983.
Very Good Audience Recording :: Bootleg CDR :: CBR 320 kbps.

Disc 1
01. Supertzar
02. Children Of The Grave
03. Hot Line
04. War Pigs
05. Born Again
06. Supernaut & Drum Solo
07. Rock'N'Roll Doctor
08. Disturbing The Priest

Disc 2
01. Iron Man
02. Zero The Hero
03. Guitar Solo
04. Guitar Solo & Digital Bitch
05. Black Sabbath
06. Smoke On The Water
07. Paranoid

Files: 15. :: Size: 195,33 MB.
Total Time: 01:25:15 hour/s.

*** "Born Again" Tour ***

Personnel: Tony Iommi - Guitars :: Ian Gillan - Vocals :: Geezer Butler - Bass :: Bev Bevan - Drums :: Geoff Nicholls - Keyboards .

Notes: Good to very good audience recording. The PA mix isn't very good at the beginning of the show, with the guitar pretty much drowning out everything else. Gillan's voice is the first thing to be turned up, and then comes the bass and the drums. Everything is fairly balanced by the end of "Children Of The Grave". The sound quality is not the best, with some drops and cuts from time to time and some speed distortion at some points, especially during "Born Again". But the good side of this story is that can clearly hear each instrument on stage, including the bass, which is uncommon on bootlegs from that period.

Ian Gillan doesn't seem to be in very good shape on this night. His voice is sharp and nice, but I got the feeling that he wasn't able to explore his full vocal range. On some songs, the soundboard engineer seems to help him by putting some heavy reverb on his voice. The reverb is first used during "War Pigs", which gives the song and interesting new "gloomy" ambience. Ian isn't able to execute the last verses of "Born Again", with his voice breaking despite the added reverb for enhancement. He coughs a few times at the beginning of "Supernaut". Once he starts singing after the intro riff, his voice is better, but continues to come and go that way until the end of the show. Still, he does great renditions of all the Ozzy era material, which may have been easier for him to perform.

Bev Bevan does his solo during "Supernaut". This is a great occasion to listen to his drumming and notice how different he makes Sabbath sound, in contrast with Bill Ward's style. While Bill has a really jazzy feeling in his playing, Bevan gives the songs a more psychedelic or progressive sound. And the man can definitely play! Listen to this show if you don't believe me!

From the end of "Iron Man" toward the end of the show, Geezer's bass is gradually turned up in the mix. This gives us a good opportunity to listen to him throb to Bevan's beats. Geezer's playing is very heavy on this one, supporting and enhancing the overall power of Iommi's guitar, which is already loud as hell. "Zero To Hero" and "Rock N' Roll Doctor" are particularly great, with the alternating jazz lines and heavy riffs intertwined.

In summary, despite Ian Gillan's minor voice problems, this Madrid gig is very good show from this era. In contrast, the Paris 9/30/83 show was just a little more energetic. It's also funny to note the way in which the Spanish crowd whistles a lot instead of shouting its joy to the band. They also seem to be talking all of the time, even during the songs!
.<-(Info taken from

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Led Zeppelin: Rip It Up. (Silver Rarities :: SIRA 200/201/202)
Recorded Live at The Forum, Inglewood, Los Angeles, USA - June 25, 1977.
Excellent Audience Recording :: Bootleg Silver CD/s :: CBR 320 kbps.

Disc 1
01. The Song Remains The Same
02. Sick Again
03. Nobody's Fault But Mine
04. In My Time of Dying
05. Since I've Been Loving You
06. No Quarter

Disc 2
01. Ten Years Gone
02. The Battle Of Evermore
03. Going To California
04. Black Country Woman
05. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
06. White Summer/Black Mountain Side
07. Kashmir
08. Trampled Underfoot

Disc 3
01. Out On The Tiles/Moby Dick
02. Guitar Solo
03. Achilles Last Stand
04. Stairway To Heaven
05. Whole Lotta Love
06. Communication Breakdown

Files: 20. :: Size: 441.84 MB (mp3) / 1,02 GB (FLAC).
Total Time: 03:13:13 hour/s.

*** North American Tour 1977 ***

Personnel: Jimmy Page :: John Paul Jones :: Robert Plant :: John Bonham .

Notes: This is a excellent AUD recording of one of Zeps finest tours - Sound: Stereo-AUD 8/9 <-(Info taken from original info file) ::::: What an incredible show, and Jimmy in particular is playing some of the best guitar of the tour! The entire band is in a no nonsense mood, playing the best they can. No Quarter and Ten Years Gone are beautiful and Achilles Last Stand and Stairway To Heaven are exquisite. Jimmy's solo in Trampled Underfoot is one of the best he's ever done on that song and the funky Communication Breakdown encore caps what is probably one the best of the six LA Forum shows.<-(Info taken from

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Led Zeppelin: For Your Love. (Silver Rarities :: SIRA 134/135)
Recorded Live at Fillmore West , San Francisco,CA , USA - January 10, 1969.
Very Good Audience Recording :: Bootleg Silver CD :: CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Train Kept a Rollin
02. I Can't Quit You Baby
03. As Long as I Have You - Fresh Garbage - Shake - Bags' Groove
04. Dazed and Confused
05. How Many More Times - The Riddle Song - The Hunter

Disc 2
01. White Summer/Black Mountain Side
02. Killing Floor
03. You Shook Me - Muddy Waters Twist
04. Pat's Delight
05. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
06. Communication Breakdown
07. For Your Love

Files: 12. :: Size: 218.65 MB (mp3) / 421 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:35:35 hour/s.

*** Led Zeppelin North American Tour 1968–1969 ***

Personnel: Jimmy Page :: John Paul Jones :: Robert Plant :: John Bonham.

Notes: For Your Love (Silver Rarities SIRA 134/135) is one of the most important releases in that label’s history and features the complete encore ::::: A great performance all around, especially The Hunter sequence in HMMT when Plant turns the gun into a steaming locomotive and the psychedelic power cover of For Your Love. I wrote ***Zeppelin Live Archive -- January 10, 1969 Fillmore West*** - A Thrilling Ride - This was Led Zeppelin's second night of four consecutive nights at San Francisco's Fillmore West, where they were the opening act for both Taj Mahal and Country Joe and The Fish. This performance reportedly blew Joe and his fish off the stage, the audience didn't want Zepp to leave. Zeppelin had everything to prove and they more than delivered on this electrifying night. From their roaring rendition of Train Kept A Rollin' right on through to the closing cover of another Yardbird's hit, For Your Love, Led Zeppelin were ensuring themselves a place in the rock pantheon for ages to come. In an interview, months later after the first American tour, Jimmy Page described the second night as being "like a tornado filling up this row, then the next row and heading clear out across the country"(1). From Richard Cole's Stairway To Heaven: Led Zeppelin Uncensored, 'After the second of the San Francisco gigs, Jimmy turned to me on the ride back to the hotel and said, "This is a turning point for us, Richard." He laughed with excitement. "When a supporting band starts overshadowing the headliner, you know something's happening. Brace yourself for a thrilling ride.(2)"' --- (1). Godwin, Robert. "Led Zeppelin: The Press Reports." (2). Cole, Richard. "Stairway To Heaven: Led Zeppelin Uncensored." --- Casca.

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Renaissance: Turn Of The Seasons. (HighLand :: HL521/522)
Recorded Live at Walnut St Theatre, July 29, 1974 - Disc 2 (2 - 7): My Father's Place, Roslyn, NY, April 1974 - Disc 2 (8): State Fair, Minnesota, WI, Sept 11, 1974.
Very Good Audience recording :: Bootleg Silver CD/s :: CBR 320 kbps.

Disc 1
01. Opening
02. Can You Understand
03. Black Flame
04. Things I Dont Understand
05. Cold Is Being
06. Running Hard
07. Ashes Are Burning
08. Mother Russia

Disc 2
01. Prologue
02. Introduction
03. Can You Understand
04. Let It Grow
05. Kiev
06. Things I Dont Understand
07. Ashes Are Burning
08. Prologue
09. Ocean Gypsy

Files: 17. :: Size: 334.53 MB (mp3) / 864 MB (flac).
Total Time: 02:26:18 hour/s.

Personnel: Annie Haslam (Female Lead vocals) :: Jon Camp (Male Lead vocals & Bass) :: Michael Dunford (Guitar) :: John Tout (Keyboards) :: Terence Sullivan (Drums).

Notes: Disc 1 (all) & Disc 2 (1): Walnut St Theatre, July 29, 1974 ::: Disc 2 (2 - 7): My Father's Place, Roslyn, NY, April 1974 (per artwork - however, should be Tracks 2 - 8?) ::: Disc 2 (8): State Fair, Minnesota, WI, Sept 11, 1974 (per artwork - however, should be Track 9?)

Comments: Per an excerpt from "The History Of Renaissance" by Russell Elliot on The Northern Lights web site: "A high quality double bootleg compilation entitled Turn Of The Seasons was also produced by the Highland label in Japan to commemorate three of the band's live performances from 1974.".<-(Info taken from original info file).

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Lossless version by request.

Emerson, Lake and Palmer: GOD!. (Ayanami-081)
Recorded Live at Philipshalle, Dusseldorf, Germany - March 31, 1973.
Very Good Audience Recording :: Japanese Bootleg :: FLAC Version.

Disc 1
01. Tarkus
02. Hoedown
03. Abaddon's Bolero
04. Jerremy Bender / The Sherriff
05. Take A Pebble Incl. Still You Turn Me On - Piano Improvisation

Disc 2
01. Pictures At An Exhibition
02. Karn Evil 9
03. Tocatta / Drum Solo
04. Tocatta / America

Files: 9. :: Size: 631 MB.
Total Time: 01:39:25 hour/s.

*** Get Me A Ladder Tour ***

Personnel: Keith Emerson :: Greg Lake :: Carl Palmer.

Requested by Claudião.

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:: HERE ::

UK: Dead Of Night. (Progressive Rock Remaster Project :: PRRP-055)
Recorded Live at Punch And Judy Theatre, Grosse Pointe, MI, USA - July 18 and 19, 1978.
Excellent Audience Recording :: New PRRP Release :: CBR 320 kbps.

Disc 1
01. Alaska
02. Time To Kill
03. The Only Thing She Needs
04. Carrying No Cross
05. The Sahara Of Snow
06. Thirty Years
07. In The Dead Of The Night
08. Caesar's Palace Blues

Disc 2
01. Alaska
02. Time To Kill
03. The Only Thing She Needs
04. Carrying No Cross
05. Forever Until Sunday
06. Thirty Years
07. In The Dead Of The Night
08. Caesar's Palace Blues

Files: 16. :: Size: 261.03 MB (mp3) / 703 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:54:05 hour/s.

Personnel: John Wetton - bass, vocals :: Bill Bruford - drums, percussion :: Eddie Jobson - keyboards, violin :: Allan Holdsworth - guitar .

Notes: Source: Audience :::: Lineage: ANA(M) > WAV [96kHz/24bit] > WAV [44.1kHz/16bit] > FLAC [Level 8] :::: Transfer: Nakamichi CR-7A > PreSonus FireStudio Project > Adobe Audition 3.0 > Cdwave editor > FLAC frontend 1.7.1 :::: Taping Gear: Teac M-100>Sony TC-153SD :::: Taped By: JEMS :::: Transferred By: Mike Ziegler.

: 1. Enhance stereo field. :: 2. Adjust tonal balance. :: 3. Patch missing sections to complete show. :: 4. Repair large bumps and pops in Left channel. :: 5. Speed corrected. :: 6. Re-track.<-(Info taken from prrp staff).

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The Rolling Stones: Glasgow Broadcast 2006. (idol Mind Productions :: IMP-N-010)
Recorded Live at Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland - August 25, 2006.
Excellent Soundboard / Stereo FM Recording :: Bootleg Silver CD :: CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Jumpin' Jack Flash
02. It's Only Rock 'n Roll
03. Oh No, Not You Again
04. She's So Cold
05. Sway
06. Ruby Tuesday
07. Rain Fall Down
08. Tumbling Dice
09. Band Introductions
10. Slipping Away
11. Before They Make Me Run

Disc 2
01. Miss You
02. Rough Justice
03. Start Me Up
04. Honky Tonk Women
05. Brown Sugar
06. You Can't Always Get What You Want
07. Satisfaction
08. Mc Including Keith Richards Message
09. Charlie Watts
10. Ron Wood
11. Mick Jagger
12. Keith Richards
13. Charlie Watts, Mick Jagger And Ron Wood
14. Keith Richards
15. Charlie Watts
16. Mick Jagger
17. Charlie Watts
18. Ron Wood
19. Keith Richards

Files: 30. :: Size: 256.37 MB (mp3) / 835 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:52:05 hour/s.

*** A Bigger Bang Tour ***

Personnel: Mick Jagger :: Keith Richards :: Charlie Watts :: Ronnie Wood .

Notes: 32 BIT digital remastering with high end Analog Processors. This IMP release sounds better than most (or maybe ALL[?] ) Glasgow 2006 bootleg-releases. Don't ask me why.....but it does. Note that this FM broadcast is missing 2 songs: "Live With Me" and "Sympathy For The Devil". No wonder they didn't broadcast those 2 ones.....lotsa mistakes did occour during them songs. Enjoy. Erik_Snow.<-(Info taken from original nfo file).

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Led Zeppelin: Any Port in a Storm. (The Godfatherrecords :: GR-223/224)
Recorded Live at The Old Refectory, Student Union Building, Southampton University, Southampton, England - January 22, 1973.
Superb stereo soundboard (multi-track) :: Bootleg Silver CD/s :: FLAC (Lossless).

Disc 1
01. Rock And Roll
02. Over The Hills And Far Away
03. Black Dog
04. Misty Mountain Hop
05. Since I've Been Loving You
06. Dancing Days
07. The Songs Remains The Same
08. The Rain Song
09. Dazed And Confused

Disc 2
01. Stairway To Heaven
02. Whole Lotta Love
03. Heart Breaker
04. Thank You
05. How Many More Times
06. Communication Breakdown

Files: 15. :: Size: 977,20 MB.
Total Time: 02:30:29 hour/s.

*** United Kingdom Tour 1972–1973 ***

Personnel: Jimmy Page :: Robert Plant :: John Paul Jones :: John Bonham.

Notes: Italian bootleg. Deluxe trifold cardboard sleeve. This was recorded by Jimmy with the possibility for it to be an official release. Outstanding sound quality & a very energetic performance. A must have!.<-(Info taken from argentummaster).

Lossless version by request.

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:::: HERE ::::

Eric Clapton: The Blues Concert. (Kiss The Stone :: KTS 457-58)
Recorded Live at The Fillmore, San Francisco, California, USA - November 8 and 9, 1994.
Excellent Soundboard Recording :: Bootleg Silver CD :: CBR 320 kbps or FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Blues Leave Me Alone
02. Standing Around Crying
03. .44
04. It Hurts Me Too
05. Five Long Years
06. Crossroads
07. Malted Milk
08. Motherless Child
09. How Long Blues
10. Reconsider Baby
11. Sinner's Prayer
12. Everyday I Have the Blues

Disc 2
01. Someday After a While
02. Crosscut Saw
03. Have You Ever Loved a Woman
04. Tore Down
05. Groaning the Blues
06. Ain't Nobody's Bizness if I Do
07. Early In the Morning
08. Driftin'
09. Hoochie Coochie Man
10. Born Under a Bad Sign

Files: 22. :: Size: 222,84 MB (mp3) / 558 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:37:22 hour/s.

Personnel: Eric Clapton Guitar, Vocals :: Andy Fairweather Low Rhythm Guitar :: Jerry Portnoy Harmonica :: Chris Stainton Keyboards :: Dave Bronze Bass :: Andy Newmark Drums :: Roddy Lorimer Trumpet :: Tim Sanders Tenor Sax :: Simon Clarke Baritone Sax.

Notes: Night two of three at The Fillmore during EC's US Club Tour :::: Geetarz Comments: Culled from the same two dates as the performances used for the unreleased "Nothing But the Blues", this is instead sourced from the MediaAmerica radio show. Excellent sound quality, and features a stunning version of "Driftin'".

Silvers > CD-R (trade) > EAC v. 0.99 Prebeta 5 (Secure, Offset Correct) > FLAC. Artwork, checksums, info file, and EAC logs included. Enjoy! ~ Geetarz.

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John Fogerty: At The Chicago Theater. (Crystal Cat Records :: CC 745-46)
Recorded Live at The Chicago Theater, Chicago, Illinois, USA - November 21, 2004.
Excellent+ Audience Recording :: Bootleg Silver CD/s :: CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Intro Presentation By Bobby Skafish
02. Taped Intro Instr. Green River
03. Traveling Band
04. Green River
05. Blue Boy
06. Who'll Stop The Rain
07. She's Got Baggage
08. Lodi
09. Sweet Hitch-Hiker
10. Sugar-Sugar (In My Life)
11. Rambunctious Boy
12. Blue Moon Nights
13. I Will Walk With You
14. Born On The Bayou
15. Radar
16. Run Though The Jungle
17. Hot Rod Heart
18. Bootleg
19. Down On The Corner
20. Wrote A Song For Everyone

Disc 2
01. Deja Vu (All Over Again)
02. I Heard It Though The Gravewine
03. The Night Time Is The Right Time
04. Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
05. Tombstone Shadow
06. Centerfield
07. Up Around The Bend
08. Keep On Chooglin'
09. The Old Man Down The Road
10. Fortunate Son
11. Bad Moon Rising
12. Proud Mary
13. Susi Q
14. It Came Out Of The Sky
15. Nobody's Here Anymore
16. Honey Do
17. Joy Of My Life
18. Almost Saturday Night

Files: 38.:: Size: 316,15 MB (mp3) / 995 MB (flac).
Total Time: 02:18:04 hour/s.

*** USA Winter Tour 2004 ***

Notes: Quality is great in my opinion. Bonus tracks: 13-18- Tower Theatre, nov 13, 2004, Upper Darby, Philladelphia, PA, USA <-(info taken from original nfo file) :::: In a set that included nearly all of Creedence's singles as well as Mr. Fogerty's mid-1980's hits and songs from his new album, songs were nailed down by guitar lines that sharpened their 1950's models. Yet the simple hedonism of rockabilly and swamp-pop doesn't show up much in Mr. Fogerty's lyrics. :::: His band is larger than Creedence was, including a keyboardist and two guitarists alongside Mr. Fogerty. They thickened the old songs without much clutter, and they helped Mr. Fogerty flaunt the variety of his lead guitar work, from country flatpicking to wailing psychedelic blues. But every guitar riff was still carved in steel and burnished with moonshine, and Mr. Fogerty's voice was still a visionary backwoods howl.

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Rush: Big Money Meets The Big Apple. (Watch Tower :: WT 2002079/80)
Recorded Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA - December 07, 1991.
Excellent Soundboard Recording :: Bootleg Silver CD/s :: CBR 320 kbps & Lossless.

Disc 1
01. Intro
02. Force Ten
03. Limelight
04. Freewill
05. Distant Early Warning
06. Time Stand Still
07. Dreamline
08. Bravado
09. Roll The Bones
10. Show Don’t Tell
11. The Big Money

Disc 2
01. Ghost Of A Chance
02. Subdivisions
03. The Pass
04. Where’s My Thing?
05. The Rhythm Method
06. Closer To The Heart
07. Xanadu
08. Superconductor
09. Tom Sawyer

Files: 20. :: Size: 244,77 MB (mp3) / 722 MB (lossless).
Total Time: 01:46:57 hour/s.

*** Roll the Bones Tour ***

Personnel: Geddy Lee :: Alex Lifeson :: Neil Peart .

Notes: LeeGeddy( Audio - 10) - Third installment of Rush bootlegs from Watchtower and it's a great one. Sound is fantastic with crisp highs and a nice punchy midrange presence. In July '02, Digital Reproductions released its version of this show, but from a higher (and unverified) generation source in comparison to the one used by WT. It's been rumored that WT shows are sourced from someone very close to Rush, but who knows whether these rumors are true or not. This show is from the 2nd night at the MSG (as Geddy states) and it's a good one with only few minor hiccups by Alex. The ONLY drawback to this wonderful source is the entire Encore is missing. DR's "Garden Road" represents the full show, although the sound quality is slightly lower than this source. This is a great addition to anyone's list.<-(Info taken from

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The Monkees: Live In Japan. (No Label)
Recorded Live at Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan - October 4, 1968.
Soundboard Recording :: MP3 CBR 320 kbps or FLAC.

01. Last Train To Clarksville
02. I Wanna Be Free
03. DW Washburn
04. Daydream Believer
05. Cuddly Toy
06. Salesman
07. It's Nice To Be With You
08. Mary, Mary
09. Cindy, Cindy
10. Peter Percival Patterson's Pet Pig Porky
11. Johnny B Goode
12. Gonna Build A Mountain
13. I Got A Woman
14. I'm A Believer
15. (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone

Files: 15. :: Size: 101,97 MB (mp3) / 284 MB (flac).
Total Time: 00:44:35 hour/s.

Personnel: Micky Dolenz: Drums, Vocals :: Davy Jones: Percussion, Bass, Vocals :: Michael Nesmith: Guitar, Vocals :: Peter Tork: Bass, Organ, Banjo, Vocals .

Notes: Tracks 11-13 Feature Musical Backing By The Floral (Opening Act That Night).<-(Info taken from original nfo file).

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Eric Clapton: Journeyman in Santiago. (ECDR-9014/5)
Recorded Live at Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile - September 29, 1990.
Vg+ Soundboard Recording :: Bootleg Silver CD/s :: CBR 320 kbps.

Disc 1
01. Pretending
02. No Alibis
03. Running On Faith
04. I Shot The Sheriff
05. White Room
06. Can't Find My Way Home
07. Bad Love

Disc 2
01. Before You Accuse Me
02. Old Love
03. Badge
04. Wonderful Tonight
05. Cocaine
06. Layla
07. Sunshine Of Your Love

Files: 14. :: Size: 228,98 MB (mp3) / 460 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:40:07 hour/s.

*** South American Leg of Eric's Journeyman Tour ***

Personnel: Eric Clapton: Guitar, Vocals :: Phil Palmer: Guitar :: Steve Ferrone: Drums :: Nathan East: Bass, Vocals :: Greg Phillrnganes: Keyboards :: Roy Cooper: Percussion :: Tessa Niles: Backing Vocals :: Katie Kissn: Backing Vocals .

Notes: First night of the South American Leg of Eric's Journeyman Tour. This show was filmed for later television broadcast in Chile. It was also recorded for potential release.<-(Info taken from

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Bee Gees: Live In Bern 1968. (EXIL :: EX 005)
Recorded Live in Bern, Switzerland - Unknown date, 1968.
Soundboard Recording (or Ex AUD?) :: Bootleg Silver CD :: CBR 320 kbps.

01. New York Mining Disaster 1941
02. Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You
03. Words
04. Gilbert Green
05. Turn Of The Century
06. To Love Somebody
07. Holiday
08. In My Own Time (medley): In My Own Time/c'mon Marianne/i Can't See Nobody/strange Brew
09. Morning Of My Life
10. Massachusetts
11. Spicks And Specks
12. World

Files: 12. :: Size: 99,41 MB (mp3) / 203 MB (flac).
Total Time: 00:43:26 hour/s.

Personnel: Barry Gibb - vocals, guitar :: Robin Gibb - vocals - bass :: Maurice Gibb - vocals, organ :: Vince Melouney - lead guitar :: Colin Petersen - drums :: + orchestra - Bill Shepherd conductor .

Notes: "Gilbert Green" is an unreleased song - plus there's a cool cover of Cream's "Strange Brew" during the medley. :: Bee Gees - Live In Bern 1968 [Exil 1CD] 12 tracks with orchestra!.<-(Info taken from original nfo file).

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Eric Clapton: Unknown Land Of The South. 1975 Australian Tour. (Tarantura :: TCDEC-45,46)
Recorded Live at Hordern Pavilion, Sydney+ Festival Hall, Brisbane; Australia - April 17 & 23, 1975.
Soundboard Recording :: Bootleg Silver CD/s :: CBR 320 kbps & FLAC (lossless).

Disc 1
01. Introduction
02. Let It Grow
03. Tell The Truth
04. Better Make It Through Today
05. Badge
06. I Shot The Sheriff
07. Teach Me To Be Your Woman
08. Band Introduction
09. Steady Rollin' Man
10. Key To The Highway

Disc 2
01. Can't Find My Way Home
02. Blues Power Intro
03. All I Have To Do Is Dream
04. Blues Power
05. Driftin' Blues
06. Crossroads
07. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
08. Driftin' Blues
09. Layla
10. Opposites
11. Let It Rain
12. Little Wing

Disc 3
01. Introduction
02. Badge
03. Milk Cow Calf Blues
04. When You've Got A Good Friend
05. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
06. Steady Rollin' Man
07. Two Ladies Introduction
08. Can't Find My Way Home
09. Teach Me To Be Your Woman

Disc 4
01. Interval
02. Let It Rain
03. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
04. I Shot The Sheriff
05. Layla
06. All I Have To Do Is Dream
07. Little Wing
08. Little Queenie

Files: 39. :: Size: 539,92 MB (mp3) / 1,41 GB (FLAC).
Total Time: 03:55:57 hour/s.

*** 1975 Australian Tour ***

Personnel: Eric Clapton: Guitar, Vocals :: George Terry: Guitar :: Dick Sims: Keyboards :: Jamie Oldaker: Drums :: Carl Radle: Bass :: Yvonne Elliman: Backing Vocals :: Marcy Levy: Backing Vocals .

Notes: Despite extensive touring in his previous and reaching world wide success in the Yardbirds, Cream, Blind Faith and as a solo artists, it took twelve years from the start of his career for Eric Clapton to finally play live in Australia. Beginning with warm up shows in Hawaii and New Zealand, he played fifteen shows over a two week period in Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and six shows in the capital Sydney with support from popular Australian soul singer Renée Geyer. He revealed a new paradigm for the shows which, in contrast to the preceding year, omits the opening acoustic numbers and focus solely upon the electric.

There’s One In Every Crowd, his follow up to the popular 461 Ocean Boulevard, was released the previous month and the new songs were slowly introduced into the set list. Besides the great performances, the only incident of note is when Clapton became ill due to food poisoning in the April 20th show, ending it after only seventy-five minutes. A free concert on April 22nd was held as a make up and Clapton shaved his beard off. Two very enjoyable soundboards circulate from this tour and make up Unknown Land Of The South on Tarantura
. <-(Info taken from

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