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Rainbow: Playing The Shadows (Apache). (Tarantura :: TCDNIJIFUNE-6-1,2)
Recorded Live at Kyoto Kaikan Daiichi Hall, Kyoto, Japan - December 10, 1976.
Ex+ Stereo Audience Recording :: Bootleg Silver CD/s :: CBR 320 kbps.

Disc 1
01. SE
02. Monitor Check
03. Over The Rainbow
04. Start
05. Kill The King
06. MC Band Introduction
07. Mistreated
08. MC
09. Greensleeves
10. 16th Century Greensleeves
11. MC
12. Catch The Rainbow
13. MC
14. Lazy
15. White Christmas
16. Man On The Silver Mountain
17. Blues
18. Man On The Silver Mountain
19. Starstruck
20. Man On The Silver Mountain

Disc 2
01. MC
02. Keyboard Solo
03. Stargazer
04. Unknown Tune
05. Apache
06. Still I'm Sad
07. Keyboard Solo
08. Drum Solo
09. 1812 Overture
10. Still I'm Sad
11. Toccata And Fugue In D Minor (Dorian) BWV 538
12. Guitar Solo
13. A Light In The Black
14. Guitar Solo
15. A Light In The Black
16. Over The Rainbow
17. Announcement

Files: 37. :: Size: 283,96 MB (mp3)/906 MB(flac).
Total Time: 02:03:52 hour/s.

*** Rising Tour ***

Personnel: Ritchie Blackmore - Guitar :: Ronnie James Dio - Vocals (RIP) :: Cozy Powell - Drums (RIP) :: Jimmy Bain - Bass :: Tony Carey - Keyboards .

Notes: Here you have the review from Read it: 1976 was a watershed year for Rainbow. Their landmark studio album, Rising, was released and it demonstrated a marked, and dramatic, improvement in sound and songwriting as compared to the band’s relatively subdued first album, Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow. 1976 was also when the group did its first world tour, which was in support of Rising, and it appears that the media was very impressed with the live shows. New Musical Express reported, for example, that it was “clear that there was enough variation of pace and mood to substantiate Blackmore’s claim to a more melodic approach. He’s pouring out those high-speed, high-intensity sounds. His guitar sings lyrically, screams abusively and gibbers madly, all at a volume some notches above the pain threshold.”

Audience responses to Rainbow’s live act in 1976 were similarly enthused, with there being reports of chunks of plaster being knocked off some of the older venues and seats being removed from the floor. Thankfully, the ground-shaking nature of Rainbow’s 1976 shows was also well recorded, with commercial releases of three separate concerts in Germany from September, and 1977’s Live on Stagebeing a compilation of recordings from Germany and Japan in 1976. When viewed in this context, Tarantura’s exclusive access into Mr. Peach’s cavernous vaults has provided not only vastly deeper insights into Rainbow’s legendary 1976 Japanese shows, but also a watershed period for collectors of Rainbow’s staggering live catalog.

In Apache-Playing the Shadows, Tarantura present another, previously uncirculated Mr. Peach recording of a December, 1976 Rainbow concert in Japan. The rear of the title’s beautiful jacket displays a 50th anniversary emblem for the Kyoto venue where the show took place, and is named after Rainbow’s rendition of The Shadows’ 1960 smash hit, “Apache”, during the second half of this show. All in all, this is yet another tremendous Rainbow concert, and another tremendous production by Tarantura that is highly recommended

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