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Jimi Hendrix: Let's Drop Some Ludes & Vomit With Jimi. (Midnight Beat :: MB-CD-026)
Recorded Live at The Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA, USA - Various Dates, 1968~1970.
Excellent Studio~Soundboard Recording :: Silver Pressed CD Boot :: CBR 320 kbps.

01. Driving South/Everything's Gonna... (with John McLaughlin)
02. Drone Blues
03. Easy Blues
04. Strato Strut
05. I'm A Man - Instrumental
06. I'm A Man - With Vocals
07. Instrumental Jam - Embryonic Version Of Tomorrow Never Knows (with John McLaughlin)

Files: 7. :: Size: 176,79 MB.
Total Time: 01:17:17 hour/s.

*** Jimi Hendrix - Record Plant Jams Vol 2 ***

Personnel: Jimi Hendrix :: Mitch Mitchell :: Buddy Miles :: Bill Cox.Guest Musicians: John McLaughlin (Tracks 1 & 7) :: Juma Sultan (Tracks 5 & 6) .

Notes: Record Plant jams, and some damn good ones, too! In fact, it's subtitled "Record Plant Jams Vol.2" (although Strato Strut was recorded at Electric Lady).

1. Drivin South/Everything's Gonna Be Alright: The jam with John McLaughlin (you can barely hear him) -- as in any jam, parts are absolutely ferocious, and other parts bog down with uninspired noodling, but the sound quality is great. Sounds almost as if it was recorded outdoors!

2. Drone Blues: Despite the track listing, this is actually a tryout version of Night Bird Flying, without vocals. Sound quality is good here, too, and there are some smokin' guitar solos.

3. Easy Blues: A more complete version of the track that was on Nine to the Universe. Larry Lee plays on this one (as well as Jimi of course) -- a cool, loping blues.
4. Strato Strut: Not Strato Strut at all, but Drone Blues, I believe. An uptempo instrumental.
5. I'm A Man: (instrumental) Part of a jam with Buddy Miles (no bass player at all), in which parts sound like Calling All Devil's Children.
6. I'm A Man (with vocals): An early tryout/jam of Stepping Stone.
7. Instrumental Jam: Listed as "Embryonic version of Tomorrow Never Knows", this is a long meandering jam -- there are two guitars here but I'm not sure who the second guitarist might be. <-(Info taken from original nfo file).


Anonyme a dit…

this meandering guitar offering is like a blues warmup with jimi and john possibly exchanging blues licks. at first i thought hendrix was playing pretty strange, but then i realized there is like some street corner conversation going on with bits of interesting string dialogues between these two giants at least on tracks 1&7, especially towards the end of tomorrow never knows... the rest seems like hendrix practicing blues riffs, then when you get to cuts 3&6 are a great surprise, some tight soulful blues unlike we've come to expect out of jimi. overall a six with a couple of tens in the mix! it's still time well wasted.. cheers

Alaan Placencia a dit…

Gracias por compartir esta joya.

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