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Peter Gabriel: Shock The Rhythm. (Progressive Rock Remaster Project :: PRRP005)
Recorded Live at Stanley Performing Art Centre , Utica, New York , USA - Novembre 02, 1982.
Ex-/VG+ Audience Recording :: PRRP Release :: CBR 320 kbps.

Disc 1
01. Rhythm of the Heat
02. I Have the Touch
03. I Go Swimming
04. Family Snapshot
05. The Family and the Fishing Net
06. Shock the Monkey
07. Not one of us

Disc 2
01. Lay your hands on me
02. Solsbury Hill
03. PG talks during technical F--k Up
04. Intruder
05. John has a Headache
06. Kiss of Life
07. San Jacinto
08. On the Air
09. Humdrum

Files: 16.:: Size: 233,73 MB.
Total Time: 01:42:10 hour/s.

Personnel: Peter Gabriel - Lead Vocals, Piano and Percussion :: John Ellis - Lead Guitars, Percussion and Vocals :: Tony Levin - Bass Guitars, Stick, Percussion and Vocals :: Larry Fast - Keyboard :: Jerry Marotta - Drums and Percussion .

Notes: It's was a cold night in Utica that evening as it always in Central NY during November. But this night was about to heat up as a sold out Stanley Theatre of mostly college students we in attendance. The concert was promoted by Mohawk Valley Community College thus this is the liberated name of the boot in the trade community. Peter used this theatre to his advantage as he open the concert with “Rhythm Of The Heat”, Peter and the band marched up to the stage banging drums from the back lobby of the Stanley. Peter wore the “Monkey make-up”. During “Shock The Monkey” This is the first tour he crowd-surfed during “Lay Your Hands On Me” . This was surely the highlight of the show as he passed right over me as I sat in the 12th row, a fan in attendance said. During "San Jacinto he used a reflected light off a hand-held mirror into the another high point for me. Peter wore the black martial arts type outfit with white knee pads.

Notes from the Re-Master: This was a low volume audience recording. For unexplained reasons the volume for either channel would just drop precipitously for 10-30 seconds on occasion. These problems were corrected. One complete dropout occurred one minute and four seconds into the song ‘I Have the Touch’. This was very brief but to cut it out would have disrupted the tempo of the song in that section. Since there was no signal at all, no other fix –short of patching over it- would have worked. For this reason it was left in its original state. Hiss was quite significant when the concert volume was amplified and therefore this noise was reduced. The bass was somewhat lacking so this component of the frequency spectrum was boosted. The frequency range was expanded to about 10 kHz from the original 7.5 kHz maximum. Given the acoustics of the auditorium, ambience was quite good and therefore unaltered. Audience applause was understandably loud and therefore reduced in volume when present. The occasional pop was also removed.
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