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Rush: Cygnus. (Prism Records :: PR-0795)
Recorded Live at Tucson Convention Center Arena, Tucson, Arizona, USA - November 20, 1978.
Soundboard Recording :: The most unusual Silver CD Bootleg :: CBR 320 kbps.

01. Intro
02. Anthem
03. Passage To Bangkok
04. Bytor And The Snowdog
05. Xanadu
06. Something For Nothing
07. The Trees
08. Cygnus X-1
09. Hemispheres
10. Closer To The Heart

Files: 10.:: Size: 161,03 MB.
Total Time: 01:10:23 hour/s.

Personnel: Geddy Lee :: Alex Lifeson :: Neil Peart.

Notes: This is the most unusual bootleg I've ever seen. It claims to be a "promo" album for a band called Cygnus, covering bands of the '70s.The songs all listed on the back are indeed Rush songs, although they claim to be by such great bands as Zebra, Exhibit A, and Hadrian. This was probably to get around the U.S. copyrights, as this is the only boot I've ever seen released by a company in the U.S. Do NOT be fooled by the packaging, this is a Rush bootleg! The show is from a Tucson soundboard recording, although this CD sounds several generations away from the master. Overall the sound is excellent; each instrument stands out, but sounds almost like the recording level was set too high. A neat "bonus" is Geddy telling the crowd to "get back or the stage will collapse, and it would be a real bummer". The song selection on this CD is great! The fade from By-Tor to Xanadu is amazing, and it does contain most of both books of Cygnus. I say most, because somewhere in "Hemispheres" it fades out, then in again at a later part in the song.? My guess is the tape ran out at this point. Since this is supposed to be a band called "Cygnus", the packaging reflects that. It tells a little about the band, who's in it (apparently they have four members), and various copyright jargon. It has nothing to do with Rush except the song listing on the back cover -- which is correct, amazingly enough. Overall, an excellent addition to a collection. Finding the CD itself might be a little difficult, it was originally offered for sale across the newsgroup.? I don't know if this will be available through the "normal" channels, or is limited to the person who originally offered it. However, you can also find this show on tape (perhaps even with better sound quality) from various traders. If you can find it, grab it!..<-(Info taken from database/review.php?RecordingID=965).

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Svartmetall a dit…

I believe this is the gig that's available in its entirety as the 'A Desert Passage' boot, which is excellent.,

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