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Kansas: Two More For The Show (PRRP Special Anniversary Edition 07). (PRRP :: PRRP SAE 07)
Recorded Live at New Orleans Municipal Auditorium + Providence Civic Center , New Orleans, Louisiana + Providence, RI , USA - March 23 + April 13, 1976.
EX+ Audience :: PRRP Release :: CBR 320 kbps.

Disc 1
March 23, 1976 :: New Orleans Municipal Auditorium :: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Taped from right side of stage, in first row of balcony by Freezer.

01. Song For America
02. Icarus (Borne On Wings Of Steel)
03. Down The Road
04. Belexes (with Drum and Guitar Solos)
05. Child Of Innocence
06. Bringing It Back ~ Can I Tell You

Disc 2
13 April 1976 :: Providence Civic Center :: Providence :: RI
Master audience recording taped by Dan Lampinski.

01. Song For America
02. Icarus (Born On Wings Of Steel)
03. Down The Road
04. Belexes (with Drum and Guitar Solos)
05. Child Of Innocence
06. Bringing It Back ~ Can I Tell You

Files: 12.:: Size: 229,41 MB.
Total Time: 01:40:16 hour/s.

Personnel: Phil Ehart drums :: Dave Hope bass :: Kerry Livgren guitars, keyboards :: Hobby Steinhardt violin, vocals :: Steve Walsh keyboards, vocals :: Rich Williams guitar.

Notes: Obviously there were two different sources for this PRRP remaster project. The first is a master sourced recording from the trader known as Freezer who recorded Kansas in New Orleans March 26th, 1976. The FLAC version of this recording was torrented on a share site and obtained for the project. As with most of Freezer’s recordings the quality was outstanding but a number of problems needed to be fixed. First was the speed which was found to be too fast. Clipping was present and also needed repair. Gentle noise reduction was applied so that the subtle and quiet sections could be better appreciated. Channel and tone imbalances were also found and corrected. As always, clicks, pops and other tape imperfections were identified and repaired. Dynamics were adjusted to enhance the recording and then the missing section was patched using an alternative recording as a source. Finally, the show was tracked to be consistent with the Lampinski recording. :::: The second recording is from Dan Lampinski, a master recently torrented, capturing the performance in Providence on April 13th, 1976. Like the Freezer New Orleans recording, this is also outstanding but did have some obvious flaws. The most obvious problem with this recording was the tape speed. A significant speed correction was applied using standard studio and commercial live recordings as references. Once that was achieved, the dynamics were adjusted and channel imbalances were corrected. No tone adjustment of noise reduction was necessary. The tracking was similar to the New Orleans recording...<-(Info by PRRP Staff ::

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providence dj a dit…

Wow! THank you for this list of things ! Good Job!

Spain2010 a dit…

great stuff-great show-talente d band
thank you

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