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XYZ (Ex Yes/Zeppelin) - After The Crash. (Midas Touch 72911)
Recorded Live at New Pipers, Virginia Water, Surrey, UK - Unknown date, 1981.
STU/Soundboard -> Bootleg Silver CD :: MP3 CBR 320 kbps.

01. Instrumental 1 (Studio Demo 81 XYZ)
02. Instrumental 2 (Studio Demo 81 XYZ)
03. Untitled 1 (Studio Demo 81 XYZ)
04. Untitled 2 (Studio Demo 81 XYZ)
05. Easily Lead (Shaken & Stirred 1985 Outtake Robert Plant)
06. Pink And Black (Shaken & Stirred 1985 Outtake Robert Plant)
07. Trouble Your Money (Shaken & Stirred 1985 Outtake Robert Plant)
08. Hip To Hoo (Shaken & Stirred 1985 Outtake Robert Plant)
09. Sixes And Sevens (Shaken & Stirred 1985 Outtake Robert Plant)
10. Hip To Hoo / Doo Doo A Do Do / Trouble Your Money (Shaken & Stirred 1985 Outtake Robert Plant)
11. Rude World (Rough Mix 1 Page / Plant)
12. Rude World (Isolated Tracks Page / Plant)
13. Rude World (Rough Mix 2 Page / Plant)

Personnel: Jimmy Page :: Chris Squire :: Alan White :: Robert Plant.

Notes: When Page/Plant were going to rehearse together with White/Squire for a new band, the UK music press was ignoring the news. After all, Zep and Yes where regarded then, in the New Wave time of the early eighties, as a dinosaurs from a bygone era. American Creem magazine was much happier, and ran a spread on the new band named XYZ (for Ex-Yes-Zeppelin). The rehearsals went for a week or so (note that already then they have forgotten JPJ phone number) before calling it off. About 15 years or so after, when these recordings first saw thheght of day on this CD - fans were happy to point out the great riff of Mind Drive - surely one of Page's genious riffs? Well... not exactly. Yes Keys to Ascention came out in 1997, and Mind Drive was there to prove that this was a pieace of music that was brought to XYZ by Chris Squire :-). <-(from original info file).

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