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Iggy Pop & David Bowie - Mantra 1977. [No label]
Live Sessions at The Mantra Studios, Chicago, IL, USA - March 28, 1977.
Stereo Soundboard Recording - CBR 320 kbps

01. Raw Power
02. Tv Eye
03. Dirt
04. Turn Blue
05. Funtime
06. Gimme Danger
07. No Fun
08. Sister Midnight
09. I Need Somebody
10. Search & Destroy
11. I Wanna Be Your Dog
12. China Girl

Info: "On 28th March 1977 the Iggy Pop tour rolled into Chicago. A local radio station broadcast a run through of the regular live show in the empty Aragon Theater. It sounds like a radio session, but it's basically the live set - Bowie on keyboards and backing vocals, Hunt Sales on drums and backing vocals, Tony Sales on bass, and Ricky Gardiner on guitar. And it's a fabulous set. 

Despite the slightly sterile atmosphere Iggy pulls out all the stops. One of the best ever versions of Dirt and a killer I Wanna Be Your Dog which in a slightly remixed form (eliminating mainly Bowie's rather overbearing and irritating keyboard sound!) it turns up as the final track on the official TV Eye 1977 Live album". This was written by Richard Adams in Bowie Audio, author of "The Complete Iggy Pop".

Then, this audio was recorded in the Aragon Theatre?, what`s the relation with Mantra Studios? they exist?...nice topic to be discussed.
[Details taken from original .nfo file].
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Judas Priest - Take On The World [Bondage Music BON232]
Live at Coliseum Arena, Seattle, Washington, USA on October 17, 1979
Excelent Soundboard Recording / FM - CBR 320 kbps

01. Hell Bent For Leather
02. Delivering The Goods
03. Running Wild
04. The Ripper
05. Beyond The Realms Of Death
06. Diamonds and Rust
07. White Heat, Red Hot
08. Sinner
09. The Green Manalishi
10. Victim Of Changes
11. Genocide
12. Starbreaker
13. Take On The World
14. Tyrant
Notes: Complete soundboard recording from 'Killing Machine' US Tour 1979.
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Eric Clapton & Friends - Happy Happy Birthday Eric. [Dandelion Records :: DL-017]
Recorded at Shangri-La Studios, Malibu, California, USA - March 30, 1976.
Studio / Soundboard -> Bootleg Silver CD :: CBR 320k.

01. It's Eric Clapton's Birthday (Billy Preston)
02. Who Do You Love? (Van Morrison)
03. Hard Times (Rick Danko)
04. Stormy Monday (Van Morrison)
05. Instrumental Jam
06. Adios Mi Corason (Bob Dylan)
07. The Water Is Wide (Bob Dylan)
08. Idiot Wind (Bob Dylan)
09. Big River (Eric Clapton)
10. Steppin' Out (Levon Helm)

Personnel: Eric Clapton :: Robbie Robertson, guitar :: Jesse Ed Davis, guitar :: Ron Wood, guitar :: Bob Dylan, vocals/guitar :: Billy Preston, vocals/keyboards :: Van Morrison, vocals :: Rick Danko, vocals/bass :: Garth Hudson, organ :: Richard Manuel, vocals/piano :: Levon Helm, vocals/drums.

Notes: 10-track bootleg CD originally recorded at Shangri-La Studios, Malibu, CA., on 30/03/76, with a total time of 62:42. Includes "Hard Times" featuring Rick Danko's lead vocal and "Steppin' Out" with lead vocal by Levon Helm. The following is quoted on the CD: "I had a magnificent birthday party right in the middle of the sessions and we decided to record everything and everybody that came into the studio. There's Billy (Preston) singing a couple of Ray Charles songs with The Band backing him along with Jesse Ed Davis, me, Robbie (Robertson) and Woody (Ron Wood) on guitars. Bob (Dylan) showed up about eight o'clock in the morning and it went on from there." (taken from

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DIO - Innocent and Damned. [Power Gate 182]
Live at Hammesmith Odeon, London, England - 5th December 1987.
Soundboard -> FM - CBR 256 kbps.

01 - Stand Up And Shout
02 - Dream Evil
03 - Neon Knights
04 - Naked In The Rain
05 - The Last In Line
06 - Holy Diver
07 - Heaven And Hell
08 - All The Fools Sailed Away
09 - Rock 'N' Roll Children
10 - Long Live Rock 'N' Roll / Rock 'N' Roll Children
11 - Rainbow In The Dark
12 - We Rock
13 - Don't Talk To Strangers

Line-up: Ronnie James Dio (vocals) / Vinny Appice (drums) / Jimmy Bain (bass) / Craig Goldie (guitars) / Claude Schnell (keyboards)
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Black Sabbath - Master Of Winterland [Reel Masters :: Reel Master-004]
Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, U.S.A. '71 :: October 1, 1971
Vg+ Audience Recording -> Reel Masters Bootleg CD - CBR 320 kbps.

01. Intro
02. N.I.B.
03. War Pigs
04. Sweet Leaf
05. Iron Man
06. Wicked World
07. Guitar Solo
08. Wicked World (Reprise)
09. Embryo
10. Children Of The Grave
11. (Cut In) Paranoid
12. Fairies Wear Boots

Lineup: Ozzy Osbourne. Vocals :: Tony Iommi. Guitar :: Bill Ward. Drums :: Geezer Butler. Bass

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Status Quo - Stockholm '71. (No Label)
Recorded Live at Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden - November 24, 1971.
Excellent Soundboard Recording -> Radio Station Master Reel - CBR 320 kbps.

1 - Junior's Wailing
2 - Someone's Learning
3 - Umleitung
4 - In My Chair
5 - Railroad
6 - Roadhouse Blues

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Saxon - Bologna '83. (nbns-cd-04)
Recorded Live at Palasport, Bologna, Italy - March 27, 1983.
Excellent Soundboard Recording :: CBR 320 kbps.

Disc 1
01. Intro
02. Motorcycle Man
03. Princess Of The Night
04. Never Surrender
05. Power And The Glory
06. The Hungry Years
07. Red Line
08. The Eagle Has Landed
09. This Town Rocks

Disc 2
01. Strong Arm Of The Law
02. 747 (Strangers In The Night)
03. Wheels Of Steel
04. Dallas 1PM
05. Denim And Leather
06. And The Bands Played On

Personnel: Biff Byford - vocals; Graham Oliver - guitar; Paul Quinn - guitar; Steve Dawson - bass; Nigel Glockler - drums.

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The Kinks - Top of the Rocks. (Super Sonic :: SS99008)
Recorded Live at Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, USA - November 13, 1970.
Soundboard Recording -> Bootleg Silver CD :: CBR 320 kbps.

01. Opening (Mr. Wonderful)
02. Till the End of the Day
03. Last of the Steam-Powered Trains
04. Big Sky
05. Brainwashed
06. Strangers
07. A Long Way From Home
08. Harry Rag
09. Act And Nice Gentle
10. Sunny Afternoon
11. Waterloo Sunset
12. Lola
13. Top of the Pops [cut]

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The Doors - Live In Seattle. (Flashback Worldproduction)
Recorded Live at Seattle Center, Seattle, USA - June 05, 1970.
Ex Soundboard Recording -> Bootleg Silver CD :: CBR 320 kbps.

01. Intro
02. Roadhouse Blues
03. Someday Soon
04. Mystery Train
05. Break On Through
06. Five To One
07. Backdoor Man
08. The End
09. When The Music's Over

Personnel: Jim Morrison; John Densmore; Ray Manzarek; Robby Krieger .

Notes: Track 03- "Someday Soon" intentionnally removed because officially released on "The Doors Box Set" disc 03 "The Future Ain't What It Used To Be", track 05.

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Guns N' Roses - Civil War Vol. 4. (Banana BAN-044)
Recorded Live at Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, IL, USA - April 9, 1992.
Excellent Soundboard Recording -> Bootleg Silver CD :: CBR 320 kbps.

01. You Could Be Mine
02. Theme From The Godfather
03. Coma
04. Don't Cry
05. Bad Obsession
06. Sweet Child O' Mine
07. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
08. So Fine
09. Move To The City
10. Estranged

Personnel: Axl Rose; Slash; Gilby Clarke; Duff McKagan; Matt Sorum; Dizzy Reed .

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Roxette - Live in London Wembley Arena. (On Stage Records :: CD-ON-227)
Recorded Live at Wembley Arena, London , England - November xx, 1993.
Excellent Soundboard Recording -> Bootleg Silver CD :: CBR 320 kbps.

01. The Look
02. Dangerous
03. Fading Like A Flower
04. Joy Ride
05. Hot Blooded
06. Queen Of Rain
07. Heart Of Gold
08. It Must Have Been Love
09. Spending My Time
10. Watercolours In The Rain
11. Listen To Your Heart
12. Dressed For Success
13. (Do You Get) Excited
14. Here Comes The Weekend

Personnel: Per Gessle :: Marie Fredriksson.
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Deep Purple - Swingin' At California. [A Doinker Tape]
Recorded Live at the Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA, USA - January 28, 1972
Very Good Audience Recording - CBR 320 kbps

01. Blues Tuneups
02. Speed King
03. Strange Kind Of Woman
04. Child In Time
05. The Mule
06. Space Truckin'
07. Mandrake Root Instrumental Portion

NOTES: The version of Space Truckin' is pre-"Machine Head" by several months. It's very much shortened and closer to the LP version. Instead of an extended version of that song, we are treated to a jam of the instrumental portion of "Mandrake Root", where Purple succeed in bringing the house down. (from original info file)

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Dire Straits - Angels on a Saturday Night. [3br 1978]
Recorded live at the Polytechnic, Leeds, England - January 30, 1978.
Excellent Soundboard Recording :: CBR 320 kbps.

01. Southbound Again
02. Eastbound Train
03. Down To The Waterline
04. In The Gallery
05. Water Of Love
06. Setting Me Up
07. Me And My Friends
08. Real Girl
09. Sultans Of Swing

NOTES: This bootleg is one of the earliest Dire Straits live recordings (actually the only earlier live recording is only one song - Eastbound Train from the Hope & Anchor pub, London, December 1977). This bootleg concert was recorded about one week before the recoding sessions for the very first Dire Straits album. This gig was the last of a short England tour, where Dire Straits played support for the Talking Heads. For this reason they did not play a full-length concert set. The bootleg is from a soundboard recording on a tape cassette. (Taken from

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The Who - Fillmore East. [Sunrise SR-0012]
Recorded Live at Fillmore East, New York City, USA - April 6, 1968.
Excellent Soundboard Recording -> Bootleg Silver CD :: CBR 320 kbps.

01. Summertime Blues
02. Fortune Teller
03. Tattoo
04. Little Billy
05. I Can't Explain
06. Happy Jack
07. Relax
08. A Quick One while He#s Away
09. My May
10. Shakin' All Over
11. Boris The Spider
12. My Generation
Bonus Tracks
13. I'm A Boy
14. Substitute
15. My Generation

Personnel: Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle, Keith Moon.

Notes: One of the best and most bootlegged Who shows from this era. It documents their transition from a "pop" band into hard rock jamming. Shakin' All Over is a very long jam that showcases PT's lead guitar styles and how well JAE is in tune to Pete's playing. Relax is another worthy psychedelic guitar jam. There are various versions of this show around that claim to be from different dates and slightly different set lists that at times omit Summertime Blues and / or the mini opera (A Quick One) and / or My Generation. Some claim to be from April 5, 1968, some from April 6, 1968 (taken from

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Janis Joplin - Wicked Woman. (Memory Records JJ-713)
Recorded Live at Handbill-Schaefer Music Festival, Harvard Stadium, Boston, Massachusetts, USA - August 12, 1970.
VG Audience Recording -> Vinyl Rip :: CBR 320 kbps.

01. Intro
02. Tell Mama
03. Half Moon
04. Mercedes Benz
05. My Baby
06. Try
07. Maybe
08. Summertime
09. Full Tilt

Notes: This is the very last recording of Janis and her band before her untimely death.

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Parliament Funkadelic - Home of the Funk. [Gorgon Music]
Recorded live in Detroit, Michigan, USA - January 1, 1978.
Excellent Soundboard Recording - CBR 320 kbps.

01. Funkentelechy
02. Cosmic Slop
03. Maggot Brain
04. Mothership Connection
05. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
06. Flash Light

NOTES: Funkentelechy live is very interesting. Very good Maggot Brain.

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Emerson Lake & Powell - Glens Falls Civic Center. [No Label]
Recorded live at Glens Falls Civic Center, Glens Falls, New York, USA - September 09, 1986.
Excellent Audience Recording :: CBR 320 kbps.

01. The Score
02. Learning To Fly
03. Pirates
04. Knife Edge
05. Tarkus & Pictures At An Exhibition
06. The Dreamer (Love Theme)
07. Creole Dance
08. Still....You Turn Me On
09. From The Beginning
10. Lucky Man
11. Fanfare For The Common Man
12. Touch And Go
13. Mars, The Bringer Of War
14. Cozy Powell Drum Solo
15. Karn Evil 9 - 1st Impression Pt. 2
16. Karn Evil 9 - 2nd Impression Pt. 1

NOTES: This is a very clear recording. The vocals & instruments come through very clearly and distinctly. I think that the taper was VERY close to the stage when making this recording. Audience talking is virtually non-existent. (Taken from original nfo file).

Requested by Roger.

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Aerosmith - Lord Or Dude. (Bondage Music :: BON283/284)
Recorded Live at Tweeter Center, Camden, New Jersey, USA - September 7, 2002.
Excellent Soundboard Recording -> Bootleg Silver CD :: CBR 320 kbps.

Disc 1
01. Introduction
02. Toys In The Attic
03. Back In The Saddle
04. Same Old Song And Dance
05. Girls Of Summer
06. Sweet Emotion
07. What It Takes
08. Lord Of The Thighs
09. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
10. Monkey On My Back

Disc 2
01. Jaded
02. Pink
03. Stop Messin' Around
04. Cryin'
05. Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
06. Draw The Line
07. Walk This Way (with Kid Rock and Run DMC)
08. Movin' Out - Toys In The Attic - Cryin' - Girls Of Summer
09. Train Kept A Rollin'

*Girls of Summer Tour*

Personnel: Steven Tyler - Joe Perry - Brad Whitford - Tom Hamilton - Joey Kramer .

Notes: Three songs on the second stage are not recorded. d2t10 Radio Remix, Only Available On The US Promotion CD (removed).

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Led Zeppelin - Live in Rotterdam. [The Swingin' Pig Records :: TSP-CD-096]
Recorded live at Ahoy Gebouw, Rotterdam, Holland - June 21, 1980.
Excellent Soundboard Recording -> Bootleg Silver CD :: CBR 320 kbps.

01. The Rain Song
02. Hot Dog
03. All My Love
04. Trampled Underfoot
05. Since I've Been Loving You
06. Achilles Last Stand
07. Kashmir
08. Rock & Roll
09. Heartbreaker

NOTES: Luxembourg bootleg. Deluxe jewel case. 1,000 copies made. A truly excellent and fiery show in front of a dull and restrained crowd. The band is really playing well, and even Jimmy is on near top form, playing with guts, cleanly and constructing exciting solos and his usual great guitar playing. Trampled Underfoot is a definite highlight, and the encore of Heartbreaker is blistering. (info taken from

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King Crimson - Cosmic Muir. (Highland)
Recorded Live at , Portsmouth, UK - December 15, 1972.
Good Audience Recording -> Bootleg Silver CD :: CBR 320 kbps.

01. Book Of Saturday
02. Instrumental 1
03. Instrumental 2
04. Exiles
05. Easy Money
06. Instrumental 3
07. Instrumental 4
08. The Talking Drum
09. Lark`s Tongues In Aspik Pt.2
10. 21st Century Schiziod Man

Personnel: Robert Fripp - guitar,mellotron; David Cross - violin,viola,melltron; John Wetton - bass,vocals; Bill Bruford - drums; Jamie Muir - percussion & allsorts.

Notes: It`s hard to find good sounding shows from King Crimson with Jamie Muir. This is one of the best. Great music, some amazing improvisations and for 1972 a good quality. (Taken from original nfo file).

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The Bangles - Live (The Swingin Pig Records -TSP-CD-095)
Recorded live in New York 1986
Excellent Soundboard Recording - 256ABR

1. Let It Go
2. Restless
3. Walking Down Your Street
4. James
5. He's Got A Secret
6. September Gurls
7. If She New What She Wants
8. Return Post
9. In A Different Light
10. Going Down To Liverpool
11. Live
12. Angles Don't Fall In Love
13. Hero Takes A Fall
14. Manic Monday
15. Walk Like An Egyptian
16. Dover Beach

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INXS - Empty Sun Under Clean Mind. [Kiss The Stone - KTS 249]
Recorded live in Santa Monica Monica Airport, California, USA - May 8, 1993
Excellent Soundboard Recording :: CBR 256 kbps

01 - Communication
02 - The Gift
03 - Taste It
04 - Need You Tonight
05 - Mediate
06 - Got That Need
07 - Suicide Blonde
08 - Send A Message
09 - All Around
10 - What You Need
11 - New Sensation
12 - Kick
13 - Devil Inside
14 - Heaven Sent
15 - It's Only Time
16 - Messenger
17 - Bitter Tears
18 - Mystify
19 - Don't Change

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The Ramones - Return To London (Bootleg Vinyl LP Rip)
Recorded Live at The Lyceum, London, U.K. - 25/02/1985
Excellent Soundboard Recording - CBR 320 kbps

01 - Durango 95
02 - Teenage Lobotomy
03 - Psycho Therapy
04 - Blitzkrieg Bop
05 - Rock N Roll Radio
06 - Danger Zone
07 - Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
08 - Rock N Roll High School
09 - I Wanna Be Sedated
10 - Beat On The Brat
11 - The Kkk Took My Baby Away
12 - Judy Is A Punk
13 - Suzy Is A Headbanger
14 - Let's Dance
15 - Too Tough To Die
16 - Wart Hog
17 - Rockaway Beach
18 - Surfin' Bird
19 - Cretin Hop
20 - California Sun
21 - Mama's Boy
22 - Highest Trails Above
23 - Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

Line-Up: Joey Ramone – lead vocals / Johnny Ramone – guitar / Dee Dee Ramone – bass, vocals / Richie Ramone – drums, vocals

Notes: The back of the LP states that it was recorded with 'the Rolling Stones Mobile by Mike McKenna'

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The Rolling Stones - Welcome To Boulder. (Empress Valley :: EVSD 383-384)
Recorded Live at Folsom Field, Boulder Colorado, USA - October 04, 1981.
Excellent soundboard recording (mix an audience source partly) -> Bootleg Silver CD :: CBR 320 kbps.

Disc 1
01. Under My Thumb
02. When The Whip Comes Down
03. Let's Spend The Night Together
04. Shattered
05. Neighbours
06. Black Limousine
07. Just My Imagination
08. Twenty Flight Rock
09. Let Me Go
10. Time Is On My Side
11. Beast Of Burden
12. Waiting On A Friend
13. Let It Bleed

Disc 2
01. You Can't Always Get What You Want
02. Little T&A
03. Tumbling Dice
04. She's So Cold
05. All Down The Line
06. Band Introductions
07. Hang Fire
08. Miss You
09. Start Me Up
10. Honky Tonk Women
11. Brown Sugar
12. Jumping Jack Flash
13. Street Fighting Man

Personnel: Mick Jagger - lead vocals; Keith Richards - guitars, vocals; Charlie Watts - drums; Ronnie Wood - guitars, backing vocals; Bill Wyman - bass.

Notes: Excellent soundboard recording (first two tracks very good audience recording). For reasons I don't know this soundboard has not been released on VGP or DAC so far... The VGP release "Drive Carefully" is an audience recording of this show. (Taken from original nfo file).

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Kansas - Monolith In The Storm. ( No Label)
Recorded Live at Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI., USA - July 4, 1979.
FM Live Radio Broadcast :: CBR 320 kbps.

Disc 1
01. On The Other Side
02. People Of The South Wind
03. Away From You
04. Robby and WLS Radio
05. Point Of Know Return
06. Closet Chronicles
07. The Wall
08. Robby Speaking
09. Dust In The Wind
10. Opus Insert
11. Robby Speaking
12. Angels Have Fallen

Disc 2
01. Band Intros
02. Reason To Be
03. Stay Out Of Trouble
04. The Spider
05. Portrait (He Knew)
06. Robby Intros Song
07. A Glimpse Of Home
08. WLS Radio DJ
09. How My Soul Cries Out For You
10. WLS Radio DJ
11. Carry On Wayward Son

Personnel: Richard Williams - guitars :: Robby Steinhardt - violin and lead vocals :: Steve Walsh - keyboards and lead vocals :: Phil Ehart - drums :: "Smokin" Dave Hope - bass :: Kerry Livgren - guitars and keyboards.

Notes: This is the WLS FM radio broadcast, that was aired live as it happened on July 4, 1979 during a snowstorm. The storm caused a lot of problems with the broadcast so the quality is so-so but as live recordings of the MONOLITH tour are rare this is a diamond in the rough literally. The recordings that were circulated of this show came to be known as "Monolith In The Storm".

Requested by Bruno SXS

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