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Kansas - Monolith In The Storm. ( No Label)
Recorded Live at Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI., USA - July 4, 1979.
FM Live Radio Broadcast :: CBR 320 kbps.

Disc 1
01. On The Other Side
02. People Of The South Wind
03. Away From You
04. Robby and WLS Radio
05. Point Of Know Return
06. Closet Chronicles
07. The Wall
08. Robby Speaking
09. Dust In The Wind
10. Opus Insert
11. Robby Speaking
12. Angels Have Fallen

Disc 2
01. Band Intros
02. Reason To Be
03. Stay Out Of Trouble
04. The Spider
05. Portrait (He Knew)
06. Robby Intros Song
07. A Glimpse Of Home
08. WLS Radio DJ
09. How My Soul Cries Out For You
10. WLS Radio DJ
11. Carry On Wayward Son

Personnel: Richard Williams - guitars :: Robby Steinhardt - violin and lead vocals :: Steve Walsh - keyboards and lead vocals :: Phil Ehart - drums :: "Smokin" Dave Hope - bass :: Kerry Livgren - guitars and keyboards.

Notes: This is the WLS FM radio broadcast, that was aired live as it happened on July 4, 1979 during a snowstorm. The storm caused a lot of problems with the broadcast so the quality is so-so but as live recordings of the MONOLITH tour are rare this is a diamond in the rough literally. The recordings that were circulated of this show came to be known as "Monolith In The Storm".

Requested by Bruno SXS

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Anonyme a dit…

This one looks interesting !
Thank you for sharing,


Anonyme a dit…

Nice curiosity here indeed... Anyway, is there any chance posting here a better sounding boot from the tour of "Monolith" album, which I think is a bit underated among Kansas albuns?
Cheers and prog on,

Viva a dit…

Hey Derek and Roger.

@Roger: We will try to find more of this era of kansas. Cheers

Anonyme a dit…

Hi, hard to find a show from this tour (This one I have). Maybe you find this one: 12/05/79 Tingley Coliseum, Albuquerque. I think it´s the only other one taped from the Monolith tour. It would be great to hear it.
Best wishes

Bruno SXS a dit…

tank you very much man... i have searched for this bootleg even on trackers... but, no seeds...
well, for me, that's awesome, even with the problems, since i love to hear some musics of this cd...

please, if you find the other that the anonime said, i would really be tankfull

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you very very much for all your marvellous music.
My best regards


Anonyme a dit…

Broadcast as it happened, during a snowstorm IN JULY?!? As far as I know (and I lived in the area), there have been no snowstorms in July at Alpine Valley...wrong date, maybe?

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