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Suicidal Tendencies - Live in Paris. [No Label]
Recorded Live at Elysee Montmartre, Paris, France - January 22, 1998
Very Good+ Audience Recording :: CBR 320 kbps.

01. War Inside My Head
02. These Freaks Are Here To Party
03. Subliminal
04. Send Me Your Money
05. Fascist Pig
06. Go Skate!
07. We Are Family
08. Lovely
09. Alone-Two Sided Politcs
10. Payback's A Bitch
11. Therapy
12. How To Kill A Rat
13. I Saw Your Mommy
14. Pledge Your Allegiance
15. Infectious Grooves
16. I Want More
17. Join The New Army

Personnel: Mike Muir - vocals :: Mike Clark - rhythm guitar :: Dean Pleasants - lead guitar :: Josh Paul - bass :: Brooks Wackerman - drums.

download mp3 @320 kbps from


Anonyme a dit…

hello, thank you for the shows! The files in these .rar's seem to be corrupted.

::Viva:: a dit…

Hi. I download the two rar files and works fine. The files don't have any problem.

One of your downloads was corrupt. Try redownloading the files.


Anonyme a dit…

This is the msg that I'm getting from the megaupload file, and I've downloaded 3 times already. File 11 is indeed missing from the rar & it wont let you extract any of the files as a result.
Error: CRC mismatch in file "Suicidal Tendencies - Live in Paris (Elysee Montmartre 98)\d1t11__Suicidal Tendencies--Therapy.mp3" in the archive "C:\Users\Toshiba\Downloads\ST-LiPEM98.part2(3).rar"

::Viva:: a dit…

Hi. These are Multi-volume RAR files. You are decompressing them like two separates files.

Some RAR files can be parts of multi-volume sequences. In WinRAR you can split a huge archive to a few smaller files, which are called volumes. They may have extensions .rar (the first volume), .r00, .r01, ..., or .part1.rar (the first volume), .part2.rar, ..., etc. If you need to unpack volumes, place all them to the same folder and start extraction from the first volume.


Anonyme a dit…

Ok, everything is fine. rar1 was the problem (I rcvd no error msg, so I overlooked it. sorry for the confusion. Thank you again for ALL of the music. Keep up the good work. Cheers!

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