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Van Halen - Light Up The Sky. [Amsterdam - AMS-735]
Recorded live at Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA, USA - April 19, 1979.
Good Audience -> Vinyl Bootleg -> Silver CD bootleg :: CBR 320 kbps.

01. Light Up The Sky
02. Somebody Get Me A Doctor / Drum Solo
03. Runnin' With The Devil
04. Dance The Night Away
05. Beautiful Girls
06. On Fire
07. Bass Solo
08. You're No Good
09. Jamie's Cryin
10. Feel Your Love Tonite
11. Outta Love Again
12. Ice Cream Man
13. Ain't Talkin Bout Love
14. Guitar Solo (All of Spanish Fly)
15. You Really Got Me
16. Bottoms Up / The Story Of Joe

NOTES: This is an audience recording that gets about a B/B+ rating. The source is definitely lifted from the original boot record as you can hear slight crackles. The sound on this cd is one of an "intimate" setting without the distant , hollow big arena sound. Ed's guitar sound is basic and gutsy and along with Daves vocals both are clearly distinguishable. Mike's bass is heard but there is no depth. This is not a "crank out" shitty audience recording. Audience noise is very minimal.

This is a very "professional looking package. The colors are deep and the picture looks glossy. This comes in a cardboard sleeve as opposed to a jewel case. It's packaged like a mini 5" VH album. What makes this a "collector" item is that it has a song (story) "The Story Of Joe". It gives you the essence of what VH was all about. (Taken from

download Mp3 @320 Kbps from



Anonyme a dit…

Van Halen in the David Lee Roth years were so sloppy live it's unbelievable. They sound terrible in this concert, as if they were totally drunk. Their studio albums from that era are classics but it's obvious that there was a lot of magic used in the studio editing to make them sound so tight. They got better live in the Sammy Hagar years, but still to this day they are pretty sloppy live, especially Eddie, who always plays too fast. I guess most of the sloppyness is because they were always drunk/high most of the time.

Grimbeorn a dit…

27/JUN/78 Osaka?
13/JUN/79 Boston?
15/JUL/79 Oklahoma?
1984 Buenos Aires, Montreal or Karlsruhe-Germany?
30 & 31/MAR/84 NY's MSG?
18/AUG/84 Donington-Monsters of Rock?
257AUG/84 Stockholm?
Peferly if they're drunk because it sounds better than any Van Hagar era... Saludosss...!!!

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