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The Cure - 1015 on a Saturday Night, 10 Years Ago, It Was Just Right [unknown label]
Live at The Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands - December 12, 1979.
Soundboard -> ZM FM - CBR 320 kbps.

01. 17 Seconds
02. Accuracy
03. M
04. 10.15 Saturday Night
05. Play For Today
06. In Your House
07. Fire In Cairo
08. A Forest
09. 3 Imaginary Boys
10. Another Journey By Train
11. Jumping Someone Else's Train
12. Killing An Arab
13. Subway Song
14. Grinding Halt
15. Boys Don't Cry
16. At Night (Encore)

NOTES: This is a very funny recording because At night isn't At night it's A forest. And it ain't just mistitled, Robert says At night before they play it. All songs are played very fast in punky way. Robert sings different lyrics from the official ones, but only on the songs from the Seventeen Seconds album. The source of the record is not an audience source, it was recorded for ZM (new zealand radio) and was broadcasted on ZM radio show called "zm all nighter" (Review by Markus S -

download mp3 @320 kbps from



Anonyme a dit…

oh wow, I saw them around this time - I'm really looking forward to listening to this, thanks very much!

Luís a dit…


In rapidshare links, the 2nd part is the same URL of 1st part.

I will get it in Megaupload.

But above all, thanks for this show. It seems great. I just love this guys.


Viva a dit…

It was fixed.
Big thanks for your help Luis.

Anonyme a dit…

This Show is AMAZING ... remember me so many things, Great performance and Magnificent Sound, A REAL TRUE MUST

Anonyme a dit…

Many thanks indeed for this - indeed one of the best early Cure gigs. One correction though - the gig was in Amsterdam on 12.12.79 but not at the Paradiso as indicated but at the Melkweg, according to the Dutch 1979 tour poster which I have. Cheers, Dave Sez.

rdnzl a dit…

Link dead, please re-upload.
Thank you.

::Viva:: a dit…

New files added, regards.

rdnzl a dit…

Thank you, great job.

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