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Various Artists - US Festival '83: Heavy Metal Day [Bondage Music BON030/31/32]
Recorded live at Glen Helen Park, Devore, CA, USA - May 29th, 1983
Excellent Soundboard Recording - CBR 192 kbps
(Bootled shared by fancytommy. Big Thanks to him! )

Disc 1.
Quiet Riot
01 - Dangerzone
02 - Cum On Feel The Noize
03 - Slick Black Cadillac
04 - Let's Get Crazy
05 - Metal Health
06 - Interview
Motley Crue
07 - Motley Crue Take Me To The Top
08 - Looks That Kill
09 - Shout At The Devil
10 - Knock'em Dead Kid
11 - Live Wire
12 - Helter Skelter
13 - Interview

Disc 2.
Ozzy Osbourne
01 - Over The Mountain
02 - Mr. Crowley
03 - Crazy Train
04 - Suicide Solution
05 - Flying High Again
06 - Paranoid
07 - Interview
Judas Priest
08 - Riding The Wind
09 - Breaking The Law
10 - Diamonds And Rust
11 - Victim Of Changes
12 - Living After Midnight
13 - Green Manalishi
14 - You've Got Another Thing Coming
15 - Interview

Disc 3.
01 - Never Surrender
02 - When The Lights Go Out
03 - Fight The Good Fight
04 - Interview
05 - No One Like You
06 - The Zoo
07 - Can't Get Enough
08 - Interview
Van Halen
09 - Running With The Devil
10 - Pretty Woman
11 - You Really Got Me
12 - Interview

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fancytommy a dit…


*H*A*P*P*Y* *A*X*E*M*A*S*

:: Viva :: a dit…

Happy Xmas fancytommy !! :) :) :D

_einstein_ a dit…

fuck yeaaa

_einstein_ a dit…

fuck yeaaa

Anonyme a dit…

thanks so much!!!!!!!

gypsymuse a dit…

well this is a nice one to see
though I'm surprized with how much Triumph is Cut!
I've got 9 tracks on my one

Anonyme a dit…

The show is Complete ???

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